Dots by  Kate Donaldson The first Be Happy linkup of 2013 - can I get a HOO-RAY?

So. Did you make some resolutions? I have ongoing resolutions/goals/commandments from my blog happiness project... but there is one commandment I'm really focusing on in the new year. To listen. I know, you may be thinking boo, lame! Out of all the cool action words I could pick from, why listen?

I don't mean listen to other people. In fact, most of the time you should probably ignore other people. That's right, I said it. Realizing your creative dreams often means following your intuition and ignoring the concerned looks your friends and family give you. I think following your passion and enthusiasm requires your attention. What do you really want? What makes that heart of yours sing? Only you can figure that out.

So, this year, I'm listening to myself. I'm vowing to get quiet, check in with myself, and make my decisions - big and small - based off of my intuitive feelings/gut reactions/ultimate truths. No more saying yes to be agreeable... gah still haven't mastered that one. I'll get it this year, guys.

And guess what? The Be Happy linkup now has a facebook group! Join this awesome crew to talk about happiness and get inspired on the daily... oh yeah, 2013 is gonna be amaazing.

link up. be happy.

Image: Dots by Kate Donaldson.