AS-happy-new-year It's here, it's here! Yes, the new year. But also the artsocial shop is officially open!! It's ready to be perused, everyone.

This month I'm focusing on logos, lotsa logos, that can be used in a variety of ways. I'm SO excited to see which ones you guys love the most.

My favorite I-can't-wait-to-tell-everyone features in the shop? Well...

01 EXCLUSIVITY. Other than each month's freebie download, every design is exclusive. Meaning there's only one. No sharing a design with other people (eww!). When you buy a design, it's yours and yours only.

02 PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMIZATION. Every design comes with one color and copy change by me! Sure I could've just handed over the editable files as an instant download for you to change yourself. But I want to help for a few reasons: not only do I want your information to look its BEST in the template, but I want this process to be super easy for you. And the reason you may be visiting my site is because you'd like some design help, you don't want to DIY your own logo. I hear ya. I'm here to help. Plus if you do want to edit or change a template yourself, you'll also get ai and psd files. Win-WIN.

03 VERSATILITY. The logos are logos, but they can also be used for SO many other things. Your new business, your DIY blog series, your new e-book cover, your birthday party invites, the list goes on and on. What do you have coming up this year? Let's brand all the things!

I'll be adding to the shop every week this year. There will be more logos as well as some other templates you guys have requested. Big thank you to everyone who's sent me comments about what you'd like to see in the shop. I'm listening. I can't wait to create some magic for you guys.

Here's to a creative and productive year :)

xoxo, erin

AND P.S. January's freebie download is a photo collage template! Check it out!

Graphic by artsocial.


AS-the-shop I've been thinking about starting a graphic design shop for a while now. In fact, I started one a few years ago as a place to freely design and brainstorm. My goal with that shop was simply to start creating. More. A lot more. I wanted the practice. When things picked up for artsocial, I closed the shop but that idea never left me...

Just like a writer has a daily writing practice, I want a daily design practice. To do just that - practice and experiment... and maybe make something horrible BUT maybe make something super amazeballs. Something that will be helpful and the perfect fit for somebody.

So I'm opening a shop! Ah! Full of exclusive logos that I can help you customize in days, not weeks (wahoo!), templates for your blog posts, and other graphic design goodies. AND each month there will be some freebie downloads, too! I love me some free downloads. Et tu?

I'll be adding to it every week starting in 2015. Tell me, from one creative bosslady to another - what would you love to see in the shop?? Leave a comment below or email me (erin@heyartsocial.com)! I'd looove to hear what would help you and your biz the most.

The virtual doors open on January 5th. Get excited, friends! 2015 is going to be BIG :)

xoxo, erin


Morrison Please, branding by artsocial



Morrison Please Style Guide by artsocial


Morrison Please brand elements, by artsocial

GUYS. This project was very special to me. Not only did I get to work with one of my closest friends, but I got to help her take that leap into blogging. Wahoo! (One of us, one of us, gooble, gobble...)

Morrison Please is a blog dedicated to fresh, seasonal food that's bursting with flavor. Janna Fisher, the gal behind Morrison Please, is one of the most talented cooks I know. Calling her a cook feels wrong... she's a true artist in the kitchen. In college, I'd be making toast while she was whipping up some homemade gazpacho. And she's only gotten better. I mean, check out her instagram. Be-yoo-tiful dishes. That lady cooks with passion, and it shows.

When Janna came to me about starting a blog dedicated to her love of food, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to create something amazing for her. From our initial talks, it became clear that a completely custom site wasn't necessary yet. Yes, she wanted a beautiful logo and design, but she just needed a simple site so she could get started. And started on the right foot: with an easy-to-use platform, a clean and simple design, and a brand identity that felt unique.

The solution? Killer custom branding and a simple Squarespace site. Guys, Squarespace is the BEST when it comes to easy-to-use and professional starter sites. Sometimes simple is all you need, especially when you're just starting out.

We kept her branding and site simple, modern and fresh. With lots of focus on her beautiful images and recipes. Oh I'm so excited to follow along... I must learn all of her recipes so I can stop eating so much toast.

Check out the full site here! And bookmark that shiz.   Looking for a simple site + awesome branding for your new blog or biz?? Let's chat! I have 2 spots available for January. Let's do this, yo.

New site, new services


Friends! It's been too long. How are you? How was your summer? FULL of playing and resting and netflix-watching, I hope.

I've been one busy bee over here at artsocial. For the last couple months I've been revamping my site and services. It's been a long time coming and I think it's finally time to share everything... ya ready? :)

First up, my à la carte services. In addition to custom graphics for programs, newsletters, and social media, I've also added a few gems like: presentation graphics for your lectures, media kits and one sheets to showcase your brand, and e-books and pdfs. So. Excited. Let's brand all the things! After all, each graphic is a chance to enhance your business. Which is why I LOVE this stuff.

I'm also now offering three different logo design options - a complete logo package, a type treatment logo in case you don't need the whole shebang, and a logo refresh for those who love their current style but just need a little update. I want you to be it's-your-birthday excited, Christmas-morning excited, about your logo! And if you're not, let's talk. Right now.

Last but not least, my favorite. I'm now offering - wait for it - WEB DESIGN. Wahooo! It's something I've been dreaming about since opening my studio doors last year. So I'm doing it. In fact, I've already been doing it! It's time to offer it officially. I cannot wait to work with clients to create their dream websites.

In my own business, having a custom site has made SUCH a difference to me. It was an instant confidence booster when I was first starting out. And still is! This site makes me feel legit, yo. Because I know within a millisecond of someone visiting artsocial they'll see my style and personality. And I know I'll be taken seriously because I have the site to back it up.

It's like this one jacket I have... It's tailored to fit juuust right and every time I put it on, I basically feel like Kanye and Beyonce put together. HELLA AMAZING. I can take on anything and I look damn good while doing so. I think that's what a custom site does for a business. It creates major confidence and major credibility.

Omg I have chills, do you have chills?

Anyhoo, I really do believe in the power of gorgeous imagery and thoughtful design. Obviously! I'm obsessed. But that's why I'm so excited to finally launch these new services. Hooray!

Take a look around, k? And say hi in the comments, I've missed you!!