What better way to kick off 2013 than with a brand new art crush? Anibal-Vallejo

Aníbal Vallejo lives and works in Medellín, Colombia. He combines embroidery, fabric, acrylic, and graphite to create some pretty uh-mazing mixed media work.

Anibal Vallejo

With bursts of flora, unexpected animals, intriguing faceless figures, and embroidered accents, Vallejo's work always leaves me wanting more... it's like there's a whole story behind each work and we only get a tiny piece of the puzzle. I mean, you know this cat lady has a story to tell.

Anibal Vallejo

I'm always perusing the interweb for new art crushes. I learned about Aníbal Vallejo on Galleray. If you're an artist or art lover, check 'em out yo. Galleray's mission is to connect people with art... oh you know I'm down with that.



What do you think of Aníbal Vallejo's work? Crush-worthy? Those embroidered cats are just too awesome...


From the top: Untitled | Belle Brummell | Untitled | Untitled | Untitled

See more from Aníbal Vallejo on Galleray and his website. This post is sponsored by Galleray. All opinions are my own.


You know that feeling when you come across something you instantly love? That's what happened when I saw Hilary Emerson Lay's artwork.

Her creative incorporation of text and images makes me think mixed media is the best media... yup it definitely is. Read more about her creative process here.

Arty folks can get a little wah-wahh and take themselves too seriously. That's why I love an artist with a sense of humor, an artist who really has fun creating. I think that comes across in Hilary's work... hat tip to you, you bad mamajama. Keep havin' fun.

Everyone needs a party pig card... FACT.

See more art goodies by Hilary over at her Etsy shop... you'll find something you love, I just know it.