Morrison Please moodboard One of my favorite parts of the design process - and one of the most important! - is the initial research stage. I'll have my clients pin images and graphics on pinterest that feel right and align with their brand and the project we're working on. This step gets us on the same page aesthetically so darn fast. Thank you, sweet pinterest.

Above are just a few of the pins from my recent branding + squarespace design project, Morrison Please. I loved her picks: lots of open spaces, beautiful shades of green, and gorgeous food photos that stole the show.

It's so cool to see a project go from moodboard to final branding, don't cha think?


feelin like fall It's sooo fall in Colorado right now. From the sights to the sounds to the smells. All fall.... y'all.

I came across this quote on pinterest yesterday that really stuck with me:

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

At first, I thought oh that's kinda clever... then by the end of the day I was IN LOVE with it. Octobers are pretty special, huh? The colors, the crisp + cool weather, the sweaters, the scary movie-athons, the food (aka Halloween treats)! October is the BEST.

I put together a few of my favorite things I wanna try and buy this month. I know, that cocktail isn't very fall... but for some reason drinking wine is more appealing in colder weather. No? Just me? Well alright. Try it anyways, k? It's inspired by Downton Abbey if that helps :)

Happy October to ye.

cocktail | sweater | bag | soup


golden It's hot. Like real hot. Summer is in full swing here in Denver... but don't get me wrong, I love all this warmth + sunshine. In fact, I'd love to surround myself with even more sunshine-y golden hues. Enter: this moodboard.

I'd totally be feeling like gold rocking those shoes. Wouldn't you?? If you happen to find yourself with those gems in size 5.5, my birthday is in February... just sayin'.

01 skirt 02 popsicle purse 03 Sun Burn by Jen Gotch 04 sunnies 05 shoes

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P.S. yellow paint drips found here.


Now that Halloween is out of the way, we can give our full attention to THE HOLIDAYS! Is that insensitive? Halloween was just yesterday... To make this time of year even more joyous, Minted is hosting their first-ever inspiration board challenge (said in an Oprah voice)... all you gots to do is make an inspiration board with some Minted goodness, share it on your blog, and bam biggity, you're entered to win... wanna play too? Check out the rules here.

The holidays really are magical... creating this board made me oh so excited for sweet treats, glittery trees, and festive shindigs with my friends and family. Sighhh, Minted holiday cards are like tiny personalized artworks... their graphic designers just get it, huh?

Holiday inspiration by Erin, see more

Holiday inspiration board by Erin. See more

Oh this is gonna be a great holiday season... I can tell.