My l'office (loft + office) is where I go to think, create, and go on some serious pinning sprees. That space should be the most inspiring place in my home then, right? Right. Does your office need an inspiration boost? Christie of bedsidesign to the rescue...

Happy Monday! I am thrilled that this is the fourth week of the IN LOVE series. Today we are talking about something I am currently planning and working on. You see, when we moved into our apartment in June we stored everything in our second bedroom aka office and it is still in shambles. Over the weekend we started sorting through stuff and really want to pimp it today’s topic is office inspiration! Let’s get inspired.

1. Stylizimo leaves me speechless. I remember discovering this Norwegian gem of a blog and literally spending hours looking at everything. Nina totally rocks all things black + white so naturally her office matches the rest of her sweet Scandinavian style. The way she uses washi tape is to hang up inspiring pictures is great because they are easy to swap out and keep current. I’m trying to keep our office black + white with metallic accents since we use our office to create and are both easily distracted - a clean slate like this is what we need!

2. I always feel like pens, pencils, markers, and paint brushes are everywhere. Why not put them in a cute, geometric cup like this? Ah, organization makes me so happy.

3. Okay so I know I said black + white with metallic accents but these colorful jumbo paperclips are both quirky and useful.

4. Remember Stylizimo, yeah they are back. This is the other side of the desk. Goodness, gracious I love it. It took a lot of self-control to limit this collection to only two photos. Seriously check out her blog. Plus, keeping flowers or a plant in the office would make me totally smile.

5. I’m a sucker for good typography and great quotes. Take it a step further and behold, the Holstee Manifesto. This will inspire the socks off of ya. That is, if you wear socks.

6. Shelves, sigh. I love interesting “collections” displayed in a visually stimulating way. The hubs and I air on more of a minimalistic style so the balance on those shelves are perfect.

7. Shiny, gold, white, keep going - it’s a clipboard. I loveeee this.

8. Since I share my home office with my husband who does freelance photography I love pulling in eclectic accessories that mirror our passions. These vintage camera bookends from Anthropologie  are awesome - plus I love that each camera is different. That’s what makes them unique.

9. A vintage camera pencil sharpener? Oh yeah, I would sharpen pencils all day and it’s only $12! Now added to my wishlist.

Are you working on any rooms or projects? We would love to hear about what you are planning and using for inspiration!

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