the merry berry mocktail If you follow my shenanigans on social media you know I just co-hosted the holiday Eat Drink Create event at West Elm here in Denver. Oh my, did we have fun. There will be photos and video very soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the recipe for the deeelicious cocktail - ahem mocktail - we enjoyed that night. It's sweet, it's a gorgeous holiday color, it's the Merry Berry Mocktail. And P.S. it's made with zero calorie Zevia which means it's a lower calorie mocktail so basically THE BEST EVER.

While we made ours a mocktail, I highly recommend the cocktail version. Just add a splash of vodka. Ohmygah I'm tellin' ya, it's perfect for the holidays. Merry Berries for all, I say.


the merry berry mocktail


+ cranberry juice + orange juice + Lemon Lime Twist Zevia + ice + vodka (optional)


Pour equal parts cranberry juice, orange juice, and Lemon Lime Twist Zevia into a cocktail shaker (example: 2 oz. of each for one drink). Give it a little shake, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy. Happy holidays to YOU.

This little gem is on the sweeter side, so throw in a few extra ice cubes and you'll be good to go! OR add some vodka, it balances the sweetness like a charm.

This post and the Merry Berry Mocktail was made possible by Zevia. Without their generous support, Eat Drink Create would not have been so merry nor the beverages so delicious. Thank you, Zevia!

Images by artsocial.