awesomewithbing.denver2014-5 A few months ago, I had the honor of going to the Search for Your Awesome par-tay hosted by The Alison Show and Bing. Did I tell you about it?? Well since it's throwback Thursday, here's the scoop. Get ready for some serious party inspiration...

party placeawesomewithbing.denver2014-23the best party peopleparty tableAWESOME place settingballoons and fringeaiko popsflorals to die forto be interesting

Holy moly, guys. They had a superstar crew working on this shindig. Melanie Blodgett from You Are My Fave was in charge of the decor and the activities for the night. Needless to say, SHE NAILED IT.

Outside, there were drinks, a food truck (I'm obsessed), Aiko Pops (also obsessed), and ice cream from Em's a.k.a the best coconut ice cream of my life. Plus there were adorable and instagram-worthy details EVERYWHERE. The cuteness was almost too much to handle. It was basically a blogger's paradise.

How gorgeous are those floral arrangements by Rebecca Caridad?? SO much talent, that one.

wall hangingswall hanging detailslearning to weave with smile and wavepractice practice

After all of the deliciousness and photo-taking, we headed inside for an evening of DIYing. Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave taught us how to do her beautiful wall hangings. AND we all got our very own weaving starter kits. I was in DIY heaven.

colorful yarngorgeous detailsawesomest party favorsweaving with the alison show

Enough show and tell, there's also a video!! It captured the evening and all of the fun details so well...

I'm beyond thrilled I got to spend an evening with this group of amazing ladies. There's something about being around a group of like-minded creatives that always makes me feel so inspired. I felt especially inspired after this evening. Alison is one of the most genuine peeps you'll ever meet AND the most fun. My proof? This party + her How to Be Awesome series. It's a life-changer. Watch immediately, k?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Photos by the beautiful and talented Heather Gray. Awesome video by Modern Atelier.


EDC holiday party Friends! It's time. The Eat Drink Create holiday party is next month, December 5th to be exact, and you need to be there. Lexy and I are teaming up with some incredible folks to make this party the BIGGEST and BEST yet. We're definitely taking EDC to the next level, we're straight up cray over here.

SO, the deets! You. Me. West Elm in Cherry Creek. Treats from Happy Cakes. Sips by Zevia. DIYs (that's right, plural!) you won't wanna miss. Goodie bags for the first 50 guests (with somethin' special from Sugar and Type!). A sparkly holiday photo booth. AND - drum roll - a super top secret giveaway. I told you we're cray.

Special shout out to Minted - we love those guys - and Yoked for making this party come alive. I KNOW you've heard me gush about Yoked before, right? Where bloggers and businesses meet? As a blogger, I know how much you have to hustle to connect with sponsors. Yoked makes the hustlin' and collaborating sooo much easier, like a dating service for your blog... check 'em out.

So excited for this one, friends! Will I see you there??


swaddled-drinks-diy You know what's better than a baby shower diy? A SURPRISE VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER in the form of a diy!! Yep. Lexy, this one's for you, you lovely lady. Big hugs & congratulations, friend!!!

I am SO excited to finally spill the beans about today's post. This has been in the works for a while now and I'm absolutely terrible with surprises. I have the worst poker face. Luckily, I was able to focus strictly on Eat Drink Create bidness when Lexy and I met up for waffles the other day...

So here's what's up. Myself and a group of IN-credible diy bloggers are throwing Lexy a virtual baby shower by creating baby shower-themed diys on each of our blogs. Srsly, I don't belong in this lineup. These gals are the real deal. Big thank you to Kelly and Brittni for organizing such an awesome surprise!

Check out these amazing diys, y'all. If you're planning a baby shower (or any party for that matter) you'll want these posts bookmarked / pinned / committed to memory...

01 Kelly of Studio DIY

02 Brittni of Paper & Stitch

03 Chelsea of Lovely Indeed

04 Melanie of You are my Fave

05 Ashley of Sugar & Cloth

06 Melissa of The Faux Martha

07 Lauren of A Fabulous Fete

08 Jenny of Hank & Hunt

And if you're looking for a suuuper easy baby shower diy, well look no further.

The details are my favorite part of any party. Baby showers are no exception. Add a little something special to your beverages by wrapping (ahem swaddling!) your drinks with your favorite fabric or cloth napkins.

swaddled drinks



+ drinks (bottled drinks work best) + square pieces of fabric or cloth napkins + twine or string


01 place your cloth on a flat surface in a diamond shape (design side up, if there is a design).

02 fold the bottom corner up three-quarters of the way, stopping short of folding the cloth in half.


03 place the bottle in the center and wrap the edges tightly around the bottle.

04 turn the bottle over, pull the top corner of the napkin down over itself (as if peeling a banana) until the corner reaches the bottom edge of the bottle.


05 while the cloth is rather secure, twine can be added to make sure it's going to stay put... plus it's adorable.


Done and done.

Congratulations, Lexy!! xoxo

Images by artsocial.


picnic-style Whenever I start planning an event, the first place I go is pinterest. I pull anything and everything that fits my vision. From styling details and cool packaging to possible drink recipes and goodie bag candidates. Good visuals are everything. For me, it paves the way for turning that party idea into a party reality.

For this month's Eat Drink Create (psst have you rsvp'd yet???), Lexy and I are doing a picnic theme. Cherries, pie, gingham - real traditional like. With our special pizazz thrown in there, of course.

Here are a few items from my original pinterest board that inspired this month's event... I would've loooved to have any of these gems at EDC, especially that pillow!

01 pillow 02 cocktail picks 03 wooden postcard 04 bear plate 05 mini bowls 06 blanket

IN LOVE is a weekly series featuring all the things I’m in lurrrve with. Check out more IN LOVE posts here!


Eat_Drink_Create_Summer_Invitation That's right, friends. Lexy and I are doing it again! We've been workin' hard to prepare for the next Eat Drink Create and, I'm tellin' you, this one is going to be off. the. hook. We're planning one sweet little party in the park.

We've teamed up with Fancy Tiger Crafts and October Ink for one super awesome diy project. The Humble Pie Store will be providing - yep - PIE! And Minted is giving us a hand with some suh-weet picnic party decor. Don't miss it, ya hear!

Check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate to follow along with our party prep adventures and get pumped. I can't wait to party it up with you Denver gals!

Invitation + logo design by Sarah Fritzler.


flower party favors Planning for the Madewell event last week was hella fun. From the beginning I was dead-set on having party favors for everyone. I went through a few different ideas before settling on mini succulent favors, which were frickin' adorbs + perfect for the Madewell aesthetic (photos coming soon)!

But these flower favors were in the running for a while, too... and equally adorable, I'd say. I thought I'd share my test run fleurs with you...

I'd love to get one of these beauties at a party, wouldn't you?

flower party favors


+ flowers (from bunches of wild flowers to big statement flowers, anything goes!) + kraft paper (I used the thicker 8.5 x 11 sheets) + baker's twine or string + gift tags (optional) + ziplock bags + paper towels + scissors + tape (clear or washi)

flower party favors


01 Roll a sheet of kraft paper into a cone shape. Make sure the shape fits the flowers you've chosen (I opted for a tall, narrow shape for my flowers). Secure with clear or washi tape. Repeat for each favor.

02 Wrap kraft paper cone with twine. Add gift tag to one end of the twine. Tie ends together to make a bow. Repeat for each favor. P.S. for my gift tags, I simply cut small rectangles of the kraft paper, punched a hole at the top, and stamped "xoxo" on each (which you can also write with pen, white pastel, or paint).

03 Prep flowers by cutting them down to the proper size. Wet a sheet of paper towel, wrap it around the end of the flower, and place it into a ziplock bag. Repeat with each flower. This will keep the flowers hydrated until your guests get them home.

04 Place the flower into the kraft paper cone and you're good to go, homegirl. Your flower favors are ready for the party.

Images by artsocial.


hello summer With Memorial Day behind us it's officially summertime! Woot woot! Bring on the sunshine and the watermelon. I mean, that's the best part of summer, right? Maybe with a little kick? I can't wait for picnics in the park, summer nights on the patio, and hanging out poolside (ya know, with 85 spf and prolly in the shade... hey, I'm Irish).

Planning this Dive into Summer event with Madewell has me even more excited about this time of year. Every part of the evening has a touch of summer, from the snacks to the party favors... I've had so much fun getting creative with the details. I CANNOT WAIT to share them with you.

If you're in Colorado, come hang out, girrrl. RSVP to to snag your spot and get your summer fiesta on!

What's your favorite thing about summer?

01 photo by Bianca Wagner 02 bikini 03 shades 04 photo by Elizabeth Weinberg 05 photo by Don Honeyman 06 sandal


madewell-event-with-artsocial Oh friends. You know how much I love Madewell... and guess what?? We're having a party!! I'm beyond stoked to team up with Madewell in Park Meadows to throw a summer party for my Denver crew. Someone pinch me. Seriously.

Join us on June 6th for my favorite local sips from the Backyard Soda Co. and the cutest summer snacks. Not to mention some rad styling à la Madewell.

It's free, it's chill. Come hang out anytime from 6pm-9pm, try on your favorite summer items, and get your instagram on... oh there will be a hashtag and P.S. there are rumors of a photo lounge with awesome props, but you didn't hear that from me. Okay you DID and it's going to be RAD.

RSVP to to snag your spot (aka your party favor)! Friends + family are welcome! The more the merrier, yo.


Ain't no party like a Madewell + artsocial party... woot woot! See you soon!


alt-for-everyone Guys. It's here. Another rad alt experience... and this time I don't even have to go anywhere! Or buy 8 new outfits!

Alt for Everyone kicks off this morning with Joy Cho's keynote about The Art of Being a Goal Getter... oh my, I love goals. I love Joy. I cannot wait.

I lurrve to share everything after these rad events, soooo take a look at my schedule and let me know which class you'd like to hear more about! I totally alt and tell - like kiss and tell except alt. Okay, sorry. I'm a bit sleep deprived this week...

+ PR on a Shoestring Budget + Craft the Perfect Pitch + Graphic Design for Bloggers 201 + How to Get Paid What You Are Worth + Graphic Design for Bloggers 301 + Pinterest Skills Every Blogger MUST Know + Working With Brands

So stoked to share some alt knowledge with you! In the meantime, follow along with my Alt for Everyone adventures on twitter and instagram! See you on the other side, amigos.

BE HAPPY CREW! Due to technical difficulties with linkytools, the Be Happy linkup will resume next week!! Get those happiness posts ready, y'all. Next week's linkup is going to be double the happiness...

If you do have happiness posts for this week, share them on twitter with #behappylinkup so we can still follow along! xo

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© Kate Donaldson Photo I bet my boyfriend thought I was kidding when I said I wanted a piñata for my birthday... nope, I was serious. Hey, February was dedicated to new experiences...

I never had one when I was little, so I figured it was best to get that activity checked off the ol' life list sooner rather than later. Although it was so much fun, I might want to revisit the whole piñata thing at some point... hmm new tradition, perhaps?

© Kate Donaldson Photo

Guys, I was a total piñata cheater. I didn't take turns with anyone and I refused to wear a blindfold, so I was basically peeking the whole time. Luckily, no one seemed to mind.

I was preeeetty darn excited to discover it was filled with ERIN-fetti, not gonna lie.

© Kate Donaldson Photo

Kate always has a way of making my silly antics look good. Now that's the sign of a great photographer, huh?

What's your favorite birthday tradition? Cake? Prezzies? Oh it's all so good...

Images by Kate Donaldson Photo.