Don't Forget to Smize

You know the best part of knowing a photographer? She can take amazeballs pics for your blog. With a great photographer and photoshop, I didn't even need all of those hours of model training I went through senior year of college a.k.a watching Top Model marathons... Here are some of my favsies that didn't quite make it onto the about page, but are super post-worthy.

Photos by Kate Donaldson Photography


Photo shoot day is approaching! What is photo shoot day you ask? Well it's nothing official. It's simply the day I'll be taking new photos for this here blog with the amazing photographer Kate Donaldson. Yep, the very same Kate who co-founded artsocial. Nope, I'm not biased. She's really that awesome. See for yourself. I want this shoot to capture the essence, the flavor, the certain something of artsocial. I have a feeling there will be multiple outfits, frolicking (lots of frolicking), and maybe some drinks.  So what to do for the shoot? What should the tone be....


Real life-ish?


Underwater with a balloon kiss??

Whatever I do, I can't wait to share it with youuu!

Photo sources: Alisa Demidova | Rebecka Bjurmell & Sophie Van Der Perre | Elina Nilsson | Eliot Lee Hazel