paper planes paper butterflies

jumping rope

infinity dashes

Guys. How awesome are these photos?? I found them during my (daily) perusal of Saatchi Online. That combination of graphic lines, beautiful photographs, and bright bursts of color will get me EVERY TIME.

Plus I love the surreal quality of each work. The juxtaposition between the bright paper and the dying plants, or the way the drawing interacts with the photo, definitely makes you stop and look. So wonderfully strange, don't you think?

On another note, maybe I should decorate my entire office with vibrant paper planes today...

Which one is your favorite?

Paper Planes | Paper Butterflies | Jumping Rope Girl | Infinity Dashes

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Shoes & Views #100

Reebok Freestyle Hi© Kate Donaldson Photography1: Reebok Freestyle Hi2: Winter Waves © Kate Donaldson Photography Fact: when I was ten, purple Reebok hi-tops were absolute tops on my covet list. I saw them once in Seventeen magazine but alas never found them in a Canadian store. Let's hear it for cyclical fashion! Celebrating 200 shoes, 100 views: Get 15% off any print in my shop with the code ART15 through January 2014!


jump for joy by kelly nicolaisen I've mentioned Kelly's work once before on the ol' blog. It's time for an official declaration of her awesomeness... a.k.a. an Art Crush post.

reach for it by kelly nicolaisen stand tall by kelly nicolaisen

I'm obsessed with Kelly's playful style. I totally want to be one of the characters in her photos... or, ya know, start taking crazy awesome selfies.

doggy treat by kelly nicolaisen

go girl by kelly nicolaisen

The vibrant colors, the striking compositions, the unusual humor. I have a crush on this art, no doubt. Her photos are FUN and they make me want to have fun... art doesn't get much better than that, huh?

let's boogie by kelly nicolaisen

Check out more work by Kelly Nicolaisen on her website and Saatchi Online.

Jump for Joy | Reach for It | Stand Tall | Doggy Treat | Go Girl | Let's Boogie

Shoes & Views #87

Bed Stu Tap Flat© Kate Donaldson Photography

1: Bed Stu Tap Flat via Imelda's 2: We Have Lingered © Kate Donaldson Photography Ready for fall but can't quite let go of that summer languor!


by Kate Donaldson We're doing things a little differently on today's Art Crush! This time I had the opportunity to actually take some photos with my art crush. The print? Here? I was so excited... and when I told Kate Donaldson, favorite friend and talented photographer, about the whole idea? Well. The creativity and awesomeness went up a few hundred notches.

by Kate Donaldson by Kate Donaldson

The artist: Kayla King. The art crush: Two Villages and the Little Bear.

I absolutely love this print. The graphic patterning, the simple use of color, the fun title that turns it into a story. It's so thoughtfully designed. Plus there's something so mysterious about it. It completely sucks me in. I feel like, maybe if I look at it long enough, I'll find a hidden clue and decipher its meaning.

by Kate Donaldson

Kate had the idea to do a series of multiple exposure shots. Totally captures that same thoughtful yet mysterious vibe, don't you think?

by Kate Donaldson

Two Villages and the Little Bear by Kayla King

Taking photos with my art crush was such a blast. I'm so excited to add this print to my collection! I've gotta say, it was really hard to pick only one print. How awesome are these others?

The Neighbors by Kayla King

Restless by Kayla King

Desert Fox by Kayla King

Kayla King is a graphic designer and illustrator based on the Central Coast of California. She loves pens, bright colors, design magazines, growing tomatoes, and snuggling with her two dachshunds. Inspired by nature, her color palettes and illustrations often incorporate elements of the mountains and beach near her home.

See more prints (and party decor!) from Kayla on Minted, a community of thousands of designers from around the world. I totally have a crush on Minted, too, by the way.


Top images by Kate Donaldson Photo. Kayla King prints: Two Villages and the Little Bear, The Neighbors, Restless, Desert Fox.

This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions + crushes are my own.

Shoes and Views #30

Mix two parts wishful thinking and two parts those are definitely leaves on the ground... I've got all terrain tromping on my mind. Cheers to an adventuresome weekend! 1: Merrell Chardonel High Boot 2: There Used to be Nine Planets © Kate Donaldson Photography