by Anna Palma This month I've been experimenting with playing more + embracing my inner child to boost my creativity. Now, I don't necessarily mean I'm blowing bubbles and flying kites - although I did blow bubbles this weekend at a birthday party and it. was. awesome.

Embracing play has been less about the actual activities and more about my state of mind. One where I'm open to learning, experimenting, and trying new things. No pressure or focus on the final product or outcome. Just playing, trying, and experiencing the world with an open heart and sense of wonder.

by Anna Palma

Boy, it's not easy to maintain a lighthearted sense of play when things get cray. Deadlines, schedules, and plans undoubtedly get in the way... but when I can get into that relaxed + playful state of mind, creativity does flow. I haven't had any creativity blocks this month and some suuuper exciting things are in the works... check back tomorrow for a big announcement!

by Anna Palma

I've come back to these photos by Anna Palma a few times this week (major art crush). They capture that lighthearted - but srsly awesome - sense of play I'm striving towards this month. They remind me how important it is to just HAVE FUN with the creative process... it sure makes everything more enjoyable. So go have fun today! That's an order.

by Anna Palma

This post is part of the Be Creative project. Join me as I try 12 different methods for boosting creativity over the course of 12 months. Every Tuesday I’ll share my progress along with creative projects… Psst May is dedicated to PLAY, the act like a child method. Catch up on past Be Creative posts here!

Photos by Anna Palma; Art Direction Chole Lloyd; Illustration by Willow Mayor; Hair/Mua by Willow Mayor.