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Oh guys, Jenny Odell had me at 125 Swimming Pools.

Jenny's series of satellite prints show a collection of things - swimming pools, trains, ponds - cut out from Google Satellite View. While they're all pretty uh-mazing (see the whole series here!), these two jumped out at me.

I think it's because I'm already dreaming of summer and would like very much to swim in 125 swimming pools and ride down 10 different water slide configurations... et tu?

125 Swimming Pools | 10 Waterslide Configurations

See more of Jenny's work on 20x200 and her website!

Shoes & Views #100

Reebok Freestyle Hi© Kate Donaldson Photography1: Reebok Freestyle Hi2: Winter Waves © Kate Donaldson Photography Fact: when I was ten, purple Reebok hi-tops were absolute tops on my covet list. I saw them once in Seventeen magazine but alas never found them in a Canadian store. Let's hear it for cyclical fashion! Celebrating 200 shoes, 100 views: Get 15% off any print in my shop with the code ART15 through January 2014!


ice cream by max wanger Oh friends. Love at first sight totally exists. I know because I fell in lurrrve with these Max Wanger prints THE MOMENT I saw them. Fact.

pink balloon by max wanger

Looking for the right artwork is totally like looking for the right relationship. When it's right, you just know. You don't have to talk yourself into it. It doesn't matter what your friends or family think. There aren't any doubts or questions. Your heart is happy and that's all that matters.

palms by max wanger

Now which one to pick... which one is your favorite?

What's that? I should get all 3? Wellll okay.

ice cream | pink balloon | palms


by Kate Donaldson We're doing things a little differently on today's Art Crush! This time I had the opportunity to actually take some photos with my art crush. The print? Here? I was so excited... and when I told Kate Donaldson, favorite friend and talented photographer, about the whole idea? Well. The creativity and awesomeness went up a few hundred notches.

by Kate Donaldson by Kate Donaldson

The artist: Kayla King. The art crush: Two Villages and the Little Bear.

I absolutely love this print. The graphic patterning, the simple use of color, the fun title that turns it into a story. It's so thoughtfully designed. Plus there's something so mysterious about it. It completely sucks me in. I feel like, maybe if I look at it long enough, I'll find a hidden clue and decipher its meaning.

by Kate Donaldson

Kate had the idea to do a series of multiple exposure shots. Totally captures that same thoughtful yet mysterious vibe, don't you think?

by Kate Donaldson

Two Villages and the Little Bear by Kayla King

Taking photos with my art crush was such a blast. I'm so excited to add this print to my collection! I've gotta say, it was really hard to pick only one print. How awesome are these others?

The Neighbors by Kayla King

Restless by Kayla King

Desert Fox by Kayla King

Kayla King is a graphic designer and illustrator based on the Central Coast of California. She loves pens, bright colors, design magazines, growing tomatoes, and snuggling with her two dachshunds. Inspired by nature, her color palettes and illustrations often incorporate elements of the mountains and beach near her home.

See more prints (and party decor!) from Kayla on Minted, a community of thousands of designers from around the world. I totally have a crush on Minted, too, by the way.


Top images by Kate Donaldson Photo. Kayla King prints: Two Villages and the Little Bear, The Neighbors, Restless, Desert Fox.

This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions + crushes are my own.


the shop Happy Monday to ya! Last month I set up a society6 shop to help me be a more prolific creator. The plan was to have it open for March only. I had so much fun though, I've decided to keep it goin' for a while. Yay!

Being creative is so good for us. I think of my shop as my creativity workout. It gets my ideas out and pushes my photo + design skillz. Instead of just thinking about all these fun graphics, I create them. For realsies. They're out of my head and out into the world... wow and if someone else likes them too? Well that's pretty rad.

Check out the AS shop, girrrl... and never stop creating, k?


There aren't many Etsy shops that inspire me with their product shots... Nope. Not like fieldguided. I not only want the product, but I also want the photo of it to hang on my wall. Okay, I'll settle with pinning everything. Majorly in love with you, fieldguided.fieldguided

One. I think it's something like, grainy black & white photos + flowers = vintage romance. So gorge.

Two. Don't blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart. Love this tote with a handprinted line from "Wild Heart" by Stevie Nicks... the tote is better than the song. Hands down.

Three. Dream Cats calendar - ermahgerd, I love it... AND $2 from each calendar sold will be donated to the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Love it even more.

Four. Ok, this is what I was talking about. Not only would I buy that tote, but I'd buy this photo. So clever. I wonder where they get these ideas...

Five. This print was inspired by such an awesome mix of sources - the handprinted graphic was taken from a Victorian stereoview card and the text is from "A Minha Menina" by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes.

Six. Okay, I like cat things... but COOL cat things, alright, not just any gadget, doodad, or thingamabob with a kitty. I have standards, gah. The Mini Meow tote with "meow" in 10 languages would definitely be consider a cool cat thing...

Seven. I think my favorite language is French... it was my minor in college and I always love prints and such with French phrases on them. Apparently, "Vu de l'extérieur" is the name of a Serge Gainsbourg album. It can mean "seen from the exterior" or "exterior view."



Which fieldguided gem is your favorite?

Psst – this is a collaborative series with bedsidesign, check out what she’s IN LOVE with this week…! See our pins for the IN LOVE series on pinterest.


I love traveling. It doesn't even matter where. Small town, big town, European vacation, or road trip into the mountains - I'm always ready to go. Some of my favorite artwork are prints that remind me of where I've been and where I want to go... which is exactly the kind of art Urban Footprint Design serves up.

I just got back into town, but this shop makes me want to repack my bags and start another adventure. Maybe Spain...

Where's your favorite place to travel? London? Rome? NYC?


From the top: London | Sydney + detail | Boston + detail | Rome

See more from Urban Footprint Design on Etsy and Facebook!


I think I've found my Etsy shop soul mate: ESSANEL. I mean, I love typography, art, quotes, love, travel, slang + hashtags! Wow, we're meshing on so many levels...

ESSANEL is the perfect shop to find gifties for those creative, art-loving, hashtagging friends of yours or, ya know, a blogger who also likes those things... just putting that out there. If you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. #Anchormanmoment


From the top: LOVE in silver | Wish and For the Win | WanderlustYou Are the Best of the Best

Find ESSANEL on Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter!

Shine On

I found myself looking at engagement rings on Etsy the other day... I really don't know why, I don't have marriage on the brain (hmm I hope the boyfriend isn't reading this). Ok to be honest I didn't search "engagement rings" I searched "diamonds"... that's totally different. I was on the hunt for some sparkly art stuff. So really it's Etsy's search function that made me look at engagement rings. All their fault.

Amongst the rings were some pretty awesome gems (ha!). Apparently diamond origami is kind of popular... oh and dollar bill origami, check out this craft gangster. Don't quite know how to feel about that one.

Hope these works bring a little sparkle to your Friday!

Shine On poster | Diamond on Chip Board | Origami Blue Diamond | Diamonds | You Are Precious print


This Room. This Art.

Confession. The decorations in my living room are pretty vanilla. I'm really trying to spice things up a bit with things I absolutely LOVE. Like these for instance, which I just hung in the bedroom. As I continue decorating this dangerously blah townhouse, I'm determined to find bold artwork to fill it. And what's bolder than a little print or pattern. So anyhoo, that's what inspired this week's This Room. This Art.

Room found here. Patterned wallpaper by Miss Print. Print via Dwell Studio.