Eat Drink Craft

I'm not going to lie - the craft component of this post didn't exactly pan out... we're not the best stencil cutters. The drink, however, was an absolute success. And perfectly suited to any Valentine's escapades you might have up your sleeves.

Sparkle Heart Margaritas 1oz Tequila (or to your preferred measure) 1oz Strawberry Puree (blended frozen strawberries and limeade) 3oz Lime Juice or Limeade will do the trick 1/2oz Agave Nectar Edible Glitter Hearts Sugar Sliced limes

Place all in cocktail shaker with ice and shake what your momma gave ya.This is also an appropriate time to put something embarrassing on Pandora. I think there might have been a Baby Got Back dance party...

Wet rim of glass with lime slice, roll in mixture of glitter hearts and sugar. Pour your previously well shaken cocktail into glass. Enjoy.

And not to worry, your man half won't be fazed by the pink shade. In fact, he might just become a Girl Drink Drunk.