stay cool We have to start by addressing the awesomeness of that old school swimming suit. Like, whoa. Okay. Addressed. Now we can move on.

How are you? I hope you had an amaaazing weekend. On Saturday, I toured a few local breweries. If you're ever in Denver, we're totally going, okay? Okay. I also spent the weekend prepping for this Thursday's Dive into Summer party with Madewell. Oh my gah, friends. SO excited. To get a sneak peek of all the fun, check out the #DiveintoSummer hashtag!

I digress. When it starts getting hot outside, I go right for blues and whites. They're just so crisp and cool... it's probs all in my head, but they make me feel cooler. Temperature not social status... although those glasses might make me a little more popular. What do you think?

And P.S. that Robert Morris print is called Roller Disco. How awesome is that?

01 sleeveless chambray 02 swimming suit 03 mini satchel 04 skirt 05 glasses 06 print