the artsocial gift guide Guys, this gift guide is becoming dangerous. There's just too much cute! The items above are some of my favorites so far... and we've got another month to go!

Whether it's used for serious holiday shopping or just to beef up your pinterest wishlist, this gift guide is so much fun to put together. BIG thank you to everyone who's pinning, commenting, and following along. It means the whole world to me. I wish I could buy each of you incredibly meaningful gifts (Leslie Knope-style) but since I can't, I'll just keep gift guiding :)

Hooray for shopping early! We're kicking so much ass right now.

Join the gift guide par-tay here or on pinterest!

book | necklace | earrings | backpack | book | scarf | shirt | terrarium

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artsocial ultimate gift guide I had so much fun sharing my favorite things for the holidays last year, I'm doin' it again! And this year, I'm going all in. I'm starting early - because if you're anything like me, waiting until December to shop gives you major anxiety AND you'd rather order everything online to stay as far away from a mall as possible.

So it's on. STARTING TODAY! Gifts for your besties, your sisters and your misters. I'll be adding to it until December 18th so there will be plenty of goodies to pick from. Whoop whoop!

Check out the full guide here or following along via pinterest!

Image by artsocial. Gift guide collected and curated via rewardStyle. All opinions and recs are my own. Happy holiday shopping, friends!



gift-guide-banner artsocial gift guide

It's that tiiiime! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Oh hells to the yeah, I'm sure you're answering back. I went a little cray this year and did all my shopping before Thanksgiving. I know. I was determined to do everything online and NOT run out of time for shipping this time...

SO that means, I've been collecting all of my favorite things over the past few weeks with the help of rewardStyle, what whaaat! AND I've put everything into an easy peasy gift guide for your shopping enjoyment.

Check it! I'll be adding to it everyday, so make sure you bookmark this sea of treasures, k?

Above: belt | owl mug | glasses | clutch | loafers | satchel | dominoes


autumn days Guys. I'm wearing a sweater right now. It's cold(er), it's cloudy, leaves are starting to turn, Kevin's watching football. Fall is here.

I'm really loving Madewell's "wildly simple" aesthetic this fall. You just can't go wrong with basics like black skinnies and a good button-up. Add some accessories? Ohmygah cute.

I've gotta throw in some artwork with my outfit inspiration, right? I know you've heard of Angela Kohler. Her photos are ridiculously amazing... I'm endlessly inspired by her work. Good stuff here.

Happy fall and happy Monday, friends!

01 top 02 hat 03 pants 04 necklace 05 boots 06 photo

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moving wishlist As we continue house hunting, I'm starting to get more and more excited about decorating a new place. Moving is always a good opportunity to get rid of the old and make room for the new. For instance, the standing lamp and set of dishes I got in college. Nothing wrong with hand-me-down fruit patterned dinnerware... but it might be time for an upgrade, yes?

I've been gathering inspiration for our new place like cray over on pinterest. How rad is that key tag?? Hey, anything that makes me excited to move is a good thing...

Happy Monday, everyone!

01 darling print 02 key tag 03 chair 04 lamp 05 throw 06 heart print

IN LOVE is a weekly series featuring all the things I’m in lurrrve with. Check out more IN LOVE posts here!


kate spade saturday After quietly pinning for weeks, I'm ready to publicly announce my crush on Kate Spade Saturday.

So. dang. cute.

Have you bought any Kate Spade Saturday goodies yet? I have my eye on quite a few things. These gems are at the top of my list... especially the mint dress and that book of rad photos from L.A.– based photographer R.J. Shaughnessy. LOVE. I'm already inspired.

Happy Monday, friend!

01 dress 02 bikini 03 sunnies 04 tote 05 photo book 06 iphone case


spring into summer All the cold and snowy weather (that's right, snow!) around Colorado has me daydreaming of warmer temperatures. Spring, where are you??

If this keeps up, I'm breaking up with Colorado and escaping to a warmer location... somewhere I can bask in the sun, wear some rad sunglasses, and eat ice cream allll day. I think that magical place is called heaven... or southern California.

Hmm I bet if I start tracking these goodies on PoachIt today, they'll be on sale by the time it's warm in Denver. #win.

Want PoachIt to be your shopping sidekick, too? I don't blame you. They're awesome. Follow this link to join the fun, no waiting. #win #again.


01 dress 02 hat 03 sunglasses 04 bag 05 Warhol print 06 sandals

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florals Okay, it got me. Floral print is everywhere and now I'm in love. It was only a matter of time really... first I bought some flowers for this paper vase diy, then a floral scarf, now it's snowballed into a full-on obsession.

With floral print and so many other great spring trends, I just had to bring the IN LOVE series back for another round. PLUS this time I've teamed up with PoachIt, which is going to add extra awesomeness to the series...

See, the folks at PoachIt are price mavericks, deal ninjas, the best shopping sidekick EVER. All these goodies I'm in love with? I can track them using PoachIt and they'll send me an alert as soon as they go on sale. Whaaaat. I know, it's pretty rad. That floral BDG backpack went on sale as I was putting this post together. For reals. You can also use PoachIt to find coupon codes on a whole bunch of sites, including Nordstrom, Target, and J.Crew. They've already tested them so you only access the ones that work!

Guys, I lurve it. Highly recommend. I also highly recommend that floral turntable for your living room, cuz who doesn't need one of those?

01 laboratory flower vases 02 backpack 03 sweater 04 print 05 turntable 06 oxfords

This post is in partnership with PoachIt. All opinions are my own.