like-a-boss You know what I love about blogging? SO many things, but one is meeting incredibly awesome creative people who are pursuing their dreams and living their truths! I was recently contacted by Glyfyx, a creative salon based in San Francisco with a love for the alphabet. They've turned this luurve into a whole line of games and products... I love it when people follow their passions and turn them into something BIGGER. Live all in, friends. You never know where your passion will take you.

Glyfyx has a special deal for all of you artsosh readers. They're offering $5 off Bitblox through thru January 31st with the code ARTSOCIAL13!! Check 'em out.

bitblox bitblox Bitblox

P.S. love their description of these alphabet blocks for the digital age: "Bitblox are a celebration of pixels — those eensy data dots that have brought meaning and joy to our lives since the sun-dappled days of Pong."


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Last Saturday was Blog Brunch - huzzah! - and we were talking alllll about sponsorship. What a hot blog topic, wouldn't ya say? I noticed there seemed to be some strong opinions about it... some feel accepting money from a sponsor can seem "spammy" or like you're selling out or you're bothering and even deceiving your readers with insincere content for the sake of getting those dollaz.

Whoa, friends! While that can be the case, I'm here to say once and for all that sponsorship is not the enemy. If everyone follows the, I'd say, #1 rule of blogging: only blog about what you love, then we'll avoid this whole negative side of sponsorship altogether. It's simple really: never sacrifice your voice, your brand, or your blog design and only work with brands and sponsors you truly love and believe in. Just like dating - you know if you like the guy within 5 minutes (or 30 seconds if you're like me and unusually decisive when it comes to love). If a brand or sponsor approaches you and you don't feel attracted right away (if you don't say HELL YES!) then send them on their way. Period. No regretsies. You'll be glad you said no and so will your readers.

Clearly we all blog because we LOVE it. There's no get-rich-quick scheme and it takes lots of time and dedication to build up a blog. So of course we should get paid! Be proud of what you're putting out there and all the hard work you're doing... and if you can get paid to do what you love? Ain't no shame in that game.

Plus sponsorship done right can enhance your blog. One rock star blogger who always fits sponsorship in seamlessly with her content is miss Bri Emery of designlovefest... this post was pretty rad (and notice it's in partnership with smartwater... this girl is so clever). At times when I'm a little unsure of how to incorporate a sponsor in a unique way, I just ask myself: What would Bri Emery do? So cheesy, right?? But that's what I do... and it totally makes me think outside the box. There aren't any rules to blogging, so let's get creative with our sponsorships huh? Push yourself and HAVE FUN, most importantly.

Were you at Blog Brunch? How do you feel about sponsorship?

PSST - I started a blog happiness project and September is collaboration month. If you're interested in a collaboration or sponsorship, holla at your girl:


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Like a Boss: Passionfruit Ads

I am so crazy excited about this blog. Excited about a BLOG?? you say? Yep. Sure am. Watching it grow over the last few months is the best feeling in all the land. This excitement mixed with my impatience and go-getterness resulted in deciding it's time to try sponsorship and button swaps. I'm so grateful for the support and response that's resulted... it has caused me to do several spontaneous happy dances.

I started off taking the DIY approach to selling ads and swapping buttons. Holy crazytown, that only lasted one month. I noticed a few fab bloggers, like this one, use something rather magical called Passionfruit Ads. Guys. It's so awesome. You have control over all the details (ad size, price, description) and they keep everything niiiice and organized. They even send out those awkward emails for you. You know the ones... like when an ad is expiring and it's time to renew or, even worse, when an ad isn't in line with your brand and you have to say nooo. Saying no only takes one clickety-click of the mouse. No more awkward emails. If you're like me and hate sending bad news emails, that's a big plus. Passionfruit is like your ad middleman/bouncer/collector of your dolla billz. They've got your back (and your blog). Ohhhh and you can see how many views and clicks your ads get... I'm completely obsessed with watching these stats. It's unhealthy really.

When I got an email alerting me that Passionfruit - the very ad app I was newly obsessed with - wanted to reserve the Boss ad space on artsocial, my exact thoughts were: Whaaaaaaa! Efff yeeeah!! I keep things pretty professional 'round these parts. Did you see their seriously GANGSTER ad? Oh yeah, these guys are pretty Boss. They deserve that spot.

Check 'em out, bloggy friends. They come highly recommended by this girl.

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