cats-pajamas Hey there, friends! Phew. These last few weeks have been busy, but oh-so-awesome busy. There's something about springtime... it gives everything an extra nudge of excitement and momentum, don't you think?

Anyhoo, time to get serious and talk about how awesome those pajamas are... In fact, all of these items are callin' my name!! I mean, who could say no to cat jams, heart-shaped sunnies, the perfect basic flat, and a gold dipped clutch?


pajamas | sunglasses | flats | clutch

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spring-forward-wishlist The weather has been gorgeous lately. It has me dreaming of warmer temps! While we surely have a few more snow storms in our future, it's never too early to start putting together a warm weather wishlist...

How cute are those citrus flats! Pair them with a neon scalloped skirt (for maximum cuteness) and a matte black heart (for a little edge) and I'd say you're ready for spring, homegirl.

01 sunglasses 02 white tee 03 mini heart 04 coin purse 05 d'orsay flats 06 neon skirt

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spring into summer All the cold and snowy weather (that's right, snow!) around Colorado has me daydreaming of warmer temperatures. Spring, where are you??

If this keeps up, I'm breaking up with Colorado and escaping to a warmer location... somewhere I can bask in the sun, wear some rad sunglasses, and eat ice cream allll day. I think that magical place is called heaven... or southern California.

Hmm I bet if I start tracking these goodies on PoachIt today, they'll be on sale by the time it's warm in Denver. #win.

Want PoachIt to be your shopping sidekick, too? I don't blame you. They're awesome. Follow this link to join the fun, no waiting. #win #again.


01 dress 02 hat 03 sunglasses 04 bag 05 Warhol print 06 sandals

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polka-dots Who loves polka dots? Raise your hand... I knew it! Me, too. Everything looks better with polka dots. Case in point? This here moodboard.

I love the combination of such a playful pattern with materials like jean, hemp, and leather. The polka dot has grown up, my friends. That satchel is so cute I can't stand it. I'm hoping for an email today from PoachIt telling me that gem is on sale... fingers are crossed. Send me good shopping vibes, everyone.

Speaking of, so many of you were interested in PoachIt I got you an exclusive invitation! No waiting in line for my artsocial crew. Follow this link to join the PoachIt party, yo.

01 chambray boyshirt 02 pillows 03 satchel 04 bangle 05 peep-toe skimmer 06 dinnerware

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spring Spring is definitely my favorite season. Winter is a time to stay cozy inside, reading, resting, reflecting, and baking cookies. Spring though, spring is for doing. It brings a sense of possibility and I-can-do-it-ness. It makes me want to get out there and make shiz happen... and the fact that everything looks and smells amazing? Well that's an added bonus.

My crush on this season and my obsession with florals is why SPRING is this month's theme for Project Brown Bag. Hoorah! Ya ready to join myself and Laid Off Mom for the most awesome collaborative art project around? Yesss. Here’s how it works:

01  The first 3 commenters to leave a “Hell YES” in the comment section will have the privilege of being our art contributors for the month.

02  Contributors will email me their mailing address and a 200 x 200 pixel image of themselves, to be used in a blog post. (Please send to

03  I will mail an art canvas to the first person to comment, and brown paper bags & mailing labels to each contributor.

04  Based on the theme of the month, the first contributor will add their own interpretation of the theme onto the canvas, using whatever art supplies/medium they wish (within the allotted time limit: 2 days) then that person will insert the piece into the provided brown bag & mail it to the next contributor whose address is provided on the mailing labels. (You get the art piece, you add to it, you send it out)

05  Once the canvas has passed through each contributor, it will be mailed back to me, the host. The host may/may not make their own contribution to the piece, then they will blog about it the following month with an intro about all our artists.

After a full year of art projects, we can look back and enjoy the artwork that has passed through so many different talented hands throughout the country!

* all contributors will be providing the postage

** all contributors must live within the contiguous United States

There is no right or wrong way to decorate or add to the canvas. Create what you want with whatever supplies you have!  I’m a fan of washi tape… that’s not required, but I’m just sayin. As long as the canvas fits into the bag, you are good to go.


Good luck, friends!

Image by artsocial.


florals Okay, it got me. Floral print is everywhere and now I'm in love. It was only a matter of time really... first I bought some flowers for this paper vase diy, then a floral scarf, now it's snowballed into a full-on obsession.

With floral print and so many other great spring trends, I just had to bring the IN LOVE series back for another round. PLUS this time I've teamed up with PoachIt, which is going to add extra awesomeness to the series...

See, the folks at PoachIt are price mavericks, deal ninjas, the best shopping sidekick EVER. All these goodies I'm in love with? I can track them using PoachIt and they'll send me an alert as soon as they go on sale. Whaaaat. I know, it's pretty rad. That floral BDG backpack went on sale as I was putting this post together. For reals. You can also use PoachIt to find coupon codes on a whole bunch of sites, including Nordstrom, Target, and J.Crew. They've already tested them so you only access the ones that work!

Guys, I lurve it. Highly recommend. I also highly recommend that floral turntable for your living room, cuz who doesn't need one of those?

01 laboratory flower vases 02 backpack 03 sweater 04 print 05 turntable 06 oxfords

This post is in partnership with PoachIt. All opinions are my own.


neutrals Before we get to all these awesome things I lurrve, I have an announcement. The IN LOVE series is coming to a close :( sad face, I know. BIG thank you to Christie of bedsidesign for collaborating with me on this series! Hugs to you, girl. I've had a blast.

Although this is the last IN LOVE post, there will be plenty of awesomeness comin' your way on Mondays. Pinky promise.

Now onto the goodies. Today's moodboard basically reflects my spring wardrobe (or what will be my spring wardrobe after the snow melts). I'll still be rocking the winter neutrals, but with spring-friendly items like dresses and flats... cannot wait to wear flats again without freezing my feets!

The photo from the Straight Chillin' print was taken on the rooftop patio at the MCA Denver... I know I'm supposed to go for the art, but a part of me goes for that rooftop view and a little lounging in the sun. Srsly, one of my favorite spots in Denver. I'm really looking forward to more sun lounging this spring/summer.

Happy Monday, friends!

01 dress 02 color pad by Klas Ernflo 03 straight chillin' print 04 pom flower 05 mini wallet 06 flats

Psst – this is a collaborative series with bedsidesign, check out what she’s IN LOVE with this week…! See our pins for the IN LOVE series on pinterest.



springgg Oh guys, it's almost here. I'm so excited about spring, it's ridiculous. I'm sure Colorado is in for at least one more big snowstorm before spring officially moves in... but that's okay because this time of year, that snow never lasts too long. Yay 70 degree weather!

What's your favorite thing about spring?

01 shirtdress 02 hepcat shades 03 print by Kelli Murray 04 mini neon planters 05 flats 06 umbrella


Psst – this is a collaborative series with bedsidesign, check out what she’s IN LOVE with this week…! See our pins for the IN LOVE series on pinterest.

Feels like Spring

When I was little (er and all throughout my adult life), it was a tradition for me and my mom to look for signs of spring. Starting in March, we'd start the search for anything slightly springy, from the obvious - budding trees and flowers - to the more conceptual - flip-flop wearers and the opening of the drive-in (which is honestly more a sign of summer, but hey, these aren't hard and fast rules). Like I said, I've continued with this tradition. And thanks to the power of - and my obsession with - Instagram, I've captured a few signs of spring just for you, you lucky reader.

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Let's Go Ride a Bike

Biking adds infinite color to the running inner monologue that accompanies my life. Sometimes I feel like Sophia Loren. Sometimes I feel like Christopher Lambert in Highlander. The deciding factor is usually my choice of footwear. My husband and I ditched our car when we moved to Denver 2.5 years ago. Where having one car is considered a "car free" household by most. Nope, we're not altruists or enviro thumpers, just exceptionally fond of transport on two wheels.

Above: merrell evera Peep Toe / giraffe on bike and bear on a bike via dark cycle clothing / skirt garter clip via bird industries / bike planter via wearable planter / bikes are sexy via practical rabbit / biking is for lovers via dark cycle clothing