death to the stock photodeath to the stock photodeath to the stock photodeath to the stock photo Yes, they do exist. Coming across a good stock photo is like spotting a unicorn in the wild. You're not sure if it's real and you're afraid it will suddenly disappear if you tell anyone.

Okay, I haven't found a unicorn in the wild (YET), but I do have a stock photo rec for you...

Death to the Stock Photo has changed my life. I'm sure you've seen their photos around. All of them are gorgeous and the subject matter is always the BEST. You'll actually want to use these photos. If you haven't signed up for their free monthly photo packs - yes FREEEE - then I'd highly recommend doing so right niz-ow. I'll wait for you to get back...

They also offer a premium option, $10 / month for an extra pack of photos and access to all past and future packs online. For what I do, that's a no brainer.

HUGE thank you to the crew at Death to the Stock Photo. If you're ever in Denver, please let me know. I must buy everyone drinks!

Now that you know, you betta tell somebody. Go forth and spread the word. Good stock photos do exist! Hooray!

xoxo, erin