boom boom pow Summer has always felt like the best time to reflect, reassess, and revamp. It's a time to work on your side projects. Work on your abs. Sleep more. Eat better. Rest. Play. In honor of summer and its permission slips, I'm spending July doing all of the above...

First, I'll be going on a little road trip to visit one of my very favorite people. Netflix and drinks and dance parties are in my future and I cannot wait. Cue this song.

After that much needed break, my plan is to come back and tackle some artsocial to-dos. You may have noticed a new url (WAHOO!). Legit, yo. I have some other site updates in the works, too, and with site updates come BIG, EXCITING announcements. Hold onto your ban.dos, friends, we're about to take things up a notch. A collaboration has begun that will change artsocial in a big way. *cartwheels* *confetti* I can't wait to tell you everything :)

Starting next month, I'll also be sharing A LOT more of my design work with ya. It's time. And if you're one of my clients, I've got a little surprise for youuu! I'm teaming up with the amazing folks at Minted to create some client thank you packets. Working with my clients is awesome but giving them presents after the work is done to celebrate? Double awesome. So excited to share all the goodies! Here's a hint. Highly recommend Minted for stationery, invites, and the like. Again, LEGIT. Everything is designed by independent artists PLUS they offer gold foil (!) and gorgeous thick paper. I'm in love with it. Okay, Minted gushing over... except they're having some 4th of July sales right now. Definitely worth checking out. Okay, done.

Happy July, friends! And Happy 4th especially. See you in August!

Keep up with my summertime adventures on instagram! Oh there will be 'grams.

Image by artsocial.


grass hut by matt sawyer Okay, who's beyond excited summer is finally here? In Colorado it feels like winter lasts an eternity, then suddenly - warmth! Sun! Happiness!

These photos by Matt Sawyer capture that summer feeling so well. Sun-drenched beaches, the open road, big skies, the urge to wander and explore... yep. It's all here. Who's ready for some summer adventures? (Me, me!)

hwy 64 by matt sawyer

I'll be road-tripping to visit some friends next month and I CAN'T WAIT to see this photo for reals. Is there anything more freeing than the open road?

I came across Matt's work on my girl Artsy Forager's collection for Mantle Art Company. She has SUCH a great eye for amazing artwork. I loved each piece she picked... but the summer vibes of Matt's photos tipped the scales to full on ART CRUSH.

dillon falls by matt sawyer

Matt is an analogue fine art photographer based in Seattle. He's been called "a master of atmosphere, the simplest subject caught in his lens becomes filled with meaning and drama." I couldn't agree more.


See more of Matt Sawyer's work on Mantle Art Company.

Images: Grass Hut | Hwy 64 | Dillon Falls



summer wishlist June is one of my very favorite months. Everything smells amazing. (I mean, lilacs and russian olive trees?? Ooh, I say.) The skies are extra dreamy. And almost every activity takes place outside. Preferably with cold beverages...

Here are just a few things from my summertime wishlist. Cuz what better way to celebrate warmer temps than with a watermelon tank, Warby aviators, and a too cold to hold ban.do drink sleeve?? Plus an absolutely gorgeous photo by Max Wanger that I'm hoping will help me hang onto this summer feeling all year round...

01 tank 02 sunglasses 03 drink sleeve 04 photo

Check out more of my favorites here!


swimming_pools water-slides

Oh guys, Jenny Odell had me at 125 Swimming Pools.

Jenny's series of satellite prints show a collection of things - swimming pools, trains, ponds - cut out from Google Satellite View. While they're all pretty uh-mazing (see the whole series here!), these two jumped out at me.

I think it's because I'm already dreaming of summer and would like very much to swim in 125 swimming pools and ride down 10 different water slide configurations... et tu?

125 Swimming Pools | 10 Waterslide Configurations

See more of Jenny's work on 20x200 and her website!


watermelon mint limeade Back to School supplies may have hit stores already, but around these parts it's still summer! It always makes me a little sad to see those school supplies return so early...  we still have 52 days until fall, everyone! Still plenty of good summer days ahead of us.

Nothing is more summer than making cocktails and relaxing outside. So for the next few weeks, I've teamed up with Zevia to bring you some of my very favorite summer cocktails. They're perfect for lounging on the patio, hanging by the pool, or chillin' at a picnic. Let's make summer proud and go out with a bang, shall we? YEAH!


Ingredients (for one drink)

+ 1 cup watermelon + 3-4 mint leaves + 1/2 cup limeade + 1 oz. vodka + Lemon Lime Twist Zevia + ice


01 mix 1 cup cubed watermelon and 3-4 chopped mint leaves in a blender until juiced.

02 fill your glass of choice with ice, add in 1/2 cup of the watermelon/mint juice, 1/2 cup of limeade, and one shot of vodka.

03 top off with Lemon Lime Twist Zevia to add the perfect hint of carbonation and balance. Give it a stir and add some mint and watermelon as a garnish (if you want).

watermelon mint limeade

YUM. Happy summer, everyone.

This post is sponsored by Zevia. All opinions + recipes are my own. Thank you for supporting the amazing sponsors who allow me to do what I do!

Images by artsocial.


Eat_Drink_Create_Summer_Invitation That's right, friends. Lexy and I are doing it again! We've been workin' hard to prepare for the next Eat Drink Create and, I'm tellin' you, this one is going to be off. the. hook. We're planning one sweet little party in the park.

We've teamed up with Fancy Tiger Crafts and October Ink for one super awesome diy project. The Humble Pie Store will be providing - yep - PIE! And Minted is giving us a hand with some suh-weet picnic party decor. Don't miss it, ya hear!

Check out the hashtag #eatdrinkcreate to follow along with our party prep adventures and get pumped. I can't wait to party it up with you Denver gals!

Invitation + logo design by Sarah Fritzler.


what to wear to a picnic date It's a special date night edition of In Love this week! This summer I'm really making an effort to get outside. After a long work week, it's so tempting to just crank up the AC and binge-watch Netflix with Kevin. But nay. Not this summer. I want to take advantage of these summer days and nights. Hang out by the pool, grill on the patio, do a little hiking...

One of my favorite date ideas is to take a picnic to the park right by our house. It's the perfect picnic spot, surrounded by trees and so peaceful. The other night we did just that. We packed up a few sandwiches, strawberries, popcorn, and some vintage-y looking Pepsis that I'm obsessed with. So much fun! I highly recommend a picnic date...

the picnic date

To be honest, I'm not a big shorts and sandals kind of girl. Those bright skinnies and oxfords are my go-to combination this summer. Add a cute patterned top? Good to go, homegirl.

See more photos from our picnic date over on instagram!

01 silk top 02 sunnies 03 chambray 04 pants 05 oxfords

This post is sponsored by Blowfish Shoes. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the amazing sponsors that allow me to do what I do!

Images by artsocial.



You know where I'd like to shop and party every week? MADEWELL. I had such a blast co-hosting a summer party with Madewell earlier this month. Of course I asked Kate Donaldson to be there to capture everything. I'm so excited to share the photos with you!


We had french macaroons from D Bar, arguably the best EVER. Seriously. If you live in Denver, drive there right now and try one. You can finish reading this post later.


This lemon rosemary soda from the Backyard Soda Co. was not only delicious, but SO much fun to style... I'm now obsessed with drinking everything out of jelly jars tied with twine bows.


Along with the giant and uh-mazing macaroons, we also had fruit in snow cone cups. Highly recommend for your next summer party. They're easy to make and so much fun to photograph - clearly that's the most important thing. Oh plus they're healthy and stuff.


Madewell asked me to pick out my favorite summer items. When I realized I couldn't fit the entire store on one rack, I opted for a few dresses, some chambray shirts, anything with polka dots, and one of the cutest jackets in the whole world. I know, it's summer. But sometimes it's cold in the evenings... you know, when you're inside and the AC is on.


After the snacks came the shopping and general merrymaking...


I'm a big fan of party favors. Giving them, receiving them. Doesn't matter. These little succulents matched the Madewell aesthetic so well. They not only made great favors, but they were the perfect decor during the party.


HUGE thank you to Madewell and everyone who came out. Big hugs to all of you!

event by: artsocial and Madewell photos by: Kate Donaldson Photography


summer vacation project brown bag It's here! A new Project Brown Bag! Get excited, friends. This month's theme is one that will surely inspire you like cray. Cray, I tell you.

June's theme is: SUMMER VACATION. This time of year always reminds me of my childhood - eating Otter Pops, running through the sprinkler, going to the "beach" aka Cherry Creek Reservoir. Summers are so magical... I could totally go for an Otter Pop right now. Louie-Bloo Raspberry.

What were your summer vacations like when you were a kid? Tell me... visually. Oh yeah, we're gettin' creative like that. Join myself and Laid Off Mom for the most awesome collaborative art project around. Here’s how it works:

01  The first 3 commenters to leave a “Hell YES” in the comment section will have the privilege of being our art contributors for the month.

02  Contributors will email me their mailing address and a 200 x 200 pixel image of themselves, to be used in a blog post. (Please send to artsocialonline@gmail.com)

03  I will mail an art canvas to the first person to comment, and brown paper bags & mailing labels to each contributor.

04  Based on the theme of the month, the first contributor will add their own interpretation of the theme onto the canvas, using whatever art supplies/medium they wish (within the allotted time limit: 2 days) then that person will insert the piece into the provided brown bag & mail it to the next contributor whose address is provided on the mailing labels. (You get the art piece, you add to it, you send it out)

05  Once the canvas has passed through each contributor, it will be mailed back to me, the host. The host may/may not make their own contribution to the piece, then they will blog about it the following month with an intro about all our artists.

After a full year of art projects, we can look back and enjoy the artwork that has passed through so many different talented hands throughout the country!

* all contributors will be providing the postage

** all contributors must live within the contiguous United States

There is no right or wrong way to decorate or add to the canvas. Create what you want with whatever supplies you have!  I’m a fan of confetti… that’s not required, but I’m just sayin. As long as the canvas fits into the bag, you are good to go.


P.S. check out last month's finished art piece on Laid Off Mom today!

Image by artsocial.


stay cool We have to start by addressing the awesomeness of that old school swimming suit. Like, whoa. Okay. Addressed. Now we can move on.

How are you? I hope you had an amaaazing weekend. On Saturday, I toured a few local breweries. If you're ever in Denver, we're totally going, okay? Okay. I also spent the weekend prepping for this Thursday's Dive into Summer party with Madewell. Oh my gah, friends. SO excited. To get a sneak peek of all the fun, check out the #DiveintoSummer hashtag!

I digress. When it starts getting hot outside, I go right for blues and whites. They're just so crisp and cool... it's probs all in my head, but they make me feel cooler. Temperature not social status... although those glasses might make me a little more popular. What do you think?

And P.S. that Robert Morris print is called Roller Disco. How awesome is that?

01 sleeveless chambray 02 swimming suit 03 mini satchel 04 skirt 05 glasses 06 print