summer wishlist June is one of my very favorite months. Everything smells amazing. (I mean, lilacs and russian olive trees?? Ooh, I say.) The skies are extra dreamy. And almost every activity takes place outside. Preferably with cold beverages...

Here are just a few things from my summertime wishlist. Cuz what better way to celebrate warmer temps than with a watermelon tank, Warby aviators, and a too cold to hold drink sleeve?? Plus an absolutely gorgeous photo by Max Wanger that I'm hoping will help me hang onto this summer feeling all year round...

01 tank 02 sunglasses 03 drink sleeve 04 photo

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watermelon mint limeade Back to School supplies may have hit stores already, but around these parts it's still summer! It always makes me a little sad to see those school supplies return so early...  we still have 52 days until fall, everyone! Still plenty of good summer days ahead of us.

Nothing is more summer than making cocktails and relaxing outside. So for the next few weeks, I've teamed up with Zevia to bring you some of my very favorite summer cocktails. They're perfect for lounging on the patio, hanging by the pool, or chillin' at a picnic. Let's make summer proud and go out with a bang, shall we? YEAH!


Ingredients (for one drink)

+ 1 cup watermelon + 3-4 mint leaves + 1/2 cup limeade + 1 oz. vodka + Lemon Lime Twist Zevia + ice


01 mix 1 cup cubed watermelon and 3-4 chopped mint leaves in a blender until juiced.

02 fill your glass of choice with ice, add in 1/2 cup of the watermelon/mint juice, 1/2 cup of limeade, and one shot of vodka.

03 top off with Lemon Lime Twist Zevia to add the perfect hint of carbonation and balance. Give it a stir and add some mint and watermelon as a garnish (if you want).

watermelon mint limeade

YUM. Happy summer, everyone.

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Images by artsocial.


summertime The past few weeks have been SO busy. Sometimes amazing / good busy, like with Eat Drink Create... and sometimes hectic / stressful busy, like when our landlord told us they're selling our place so we have to move by August 31st. Sighhh.

BUT in between the busy, summer sneaks in. You know. Those incredible moments of peace and happiness that only come around this time of year. Sitting outside for brunch, relaxing on the front steps with lemonade, getting free soft serve ice cream just cuz! Okay, it was complimentary with our purchase, but still! No one gives out free ice cream during any other season.

Lately, my wardrobe definitely reflects these laid-back summer moments... flowy skirts, loose tops, gladiator sandals (my FAVE). Ahh yeeah. Maybe some of this laidback-ness will spill over into my house hunting? You never know...


01 top 02 print 03 pouch 04 necklace 05 skirt 06 sandals

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hello summer With Memorial Day behind us it's officially summertime! Woot woot! Bring on the sunshine and the watermelon. I mean, that's the best part of summer, right? Maybe with a little kick? I can't wait for picnics in the park, summer nights on the patio, and hanging out poolside (ya know, with 85 spf and prolly in the shade... hey, I'm Irish).

Planning this Dive into Summer event with Madewell has me even more excited about this time of year. Every part of the evening has a touch of summer, from the snacks to the party favors... I've had so much fun getting creative with the details. I CANNOT WAIT to share them with you.

If you're in Colorado, come hang out, girrrl. RSVP to to snag your spot and get your summer fiesta on!

What's your favorite thing about summer?

01 photo by Bianca Wagner 02 bikini 03 shades 04 photo by Elizabeth Weinberg 05 photo by Don Honeyman 06 sandal

Record Breaker

Man was it hot this weekend. Like lay-around-with-a-fan-in-your-face hot. Like too-hot-to-eat hot! Ok, well almost. I did feel like I could've gotten heat stroke while sitting on the patio at Snooze Saturday morning, but I still managed to finish my cylinder of hash browns and my beermosa. (Potatoes at Snooze are served in the shape of a cylinder. Geometric. Delicious. It's 100 degrees while I write this, I apologize for any ramblings).

1. Hot summer days are for air conditioned spaces or pools, but hot summer nights? They're for patio parties. This tiny bar setup is super adorbs, it makes me want to spruce up my little patio with something similar...

2. This cupcake miss Jessica pinned on artsocial's Collections + Cupcakes pin board looks crazy delicious. It's called the "cupcake pistache-chocolat." Whaaat. Yeah. It's French. That means not only is it probably insanely good, but it seems sophisticated... and thus more nutritious. No? Not good logic?

3. Oh John Baldessari, you genius. This oil and acrylic work is the perfect painting... or at least it tells us what makes the perfect painting. I LOVE artists with a sense of humor. It's art after all, let's not take it all so seriously.

4. Here's that beermosa from Snooze I mentioned earlier. Ok I know orange juice mixed with beer sounds really really gross, but it's actually pretty great. I'm tellin' ya, beer cocktails are gonna be all the rage soon... I'm totes an expert. (Not at all an expert).

5. Since it was sooooo hot (whining voice) this weekend, I spent a little time hovering over the ac vent whilst browsing through Pinterest and came across this amaaaazing pinner: Amanda Rodriguez, a freelance interior stylist from Stockholm. All of her pins are gorgeous... like so gorgeous her boards make my boards look like a child with a cupcake obsession has been calling the shots. What I mean to say is this girl's got some serious style and I highly encourage you to spend time looking at her pins... you'll be inspired. Guaranteed.

6. I used to do my homework on clipboards when I was little. They made me feel super grown-up, like I worked in an office or something... an office that required me to write 10 sentences using 10 new vocabulary words. Anyhoo, those clipboard days are over, but I looove the idea of turning clipboards into an inspiration/decoration wall.

7. Guys. Look at these little paper shirts I found on Very Sarie. Totally reminds me of playing with paper dolls on my parent's couch. Did anyone else have paper dolls when they were little? Was I the only one who thought leaning paper cutouts of Beauty and the Beast characters against the window constituted super fun playtime?

8. What else is there to do on a 104 degree day than watch the sunset... I know, we're nuts. Although by 8 pm it was a cool 90 degrees. Gah. But the gorgeous colors were worth enduring the heat.

9. After the sunset and the lingering 90 degree weather, there was only one option for date night: popsicles on the patio.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you're staying cool... I recommend popsicles. If you happen to be following me on the 'gram lately, you know this :)