value your time

Lately I've been feeling like I never have enough time. I feel like my days are FLYING by and I'm racing to keep up. When this happens, it usually means I've taken on too much... and with it comes the stress, the anxiety, and oh - sure enough - the tears. Crazy, right?? I'm my own boss! Why would I let that happen?!

Is it just the curse of being a go-getter? Well yes and no. I definitely come from the mindset "I can do EVERYTHING. Let's do this, B." I think I picked that up in grad school... because you have to do everything there. And sure, I can take on every interesting opportunity that comes my way but do I want to? Is it worth the stress?

Being in Yosemite last month with absolutely no work, no cell service, and no wifi made me realize something - I need to value my time more. I need to value my time the same way I value my money. I need to be mindful of where I'm spending it and what I'm investing it in. I need to schedule in downtime and say no more often.

I know this sounds silly and unimportant, but the first step I took in valuing my time was unsubscribing from a TON of email lists. You know, the ones you have to wade through each day to get to the real, important emails? Why would I keep those around?? Be gone, endless newsletters!

It's a small step, but I feel better already...

Image by artsocial.

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