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When you make new choices, things automatically get more interesting. Even boring things - eating breakfast, picking a Pandora station, watching tv - become opportunities for new experiences. While this may be annoying to some (ahem my boyfriend... understandably so, I get it), it's blowing my mind at how much fun I'm having just because I'm trying new things.

While I'm not doing new things all day everyday, I am trying at least one new thing each day. It's such a small change, but maybe that's the brilliance of it. If it's a small change, it's easier to stick to it. If branching out and trying the carne asada street tacos instead of my usual chicken tacos makes the experience 3x better and more memorable, then heck yeah, friends! This could be my new lifestyle.

This month is about something bigger than simply trying a new breakfast item or saying yes to a coffee date. It's about being open to receiving new information... and by receiving new information, you create the conditions for new ideas and more creativity to emerge. You never know what the universe is trying to offer you. I had a crazy moment of coincidence last week, I really think there's something to this... so say yes to the new, k?

be creative project - artsocial

So far this month, I've tried a few headstands (I'm embarrassingly bad at them... but I'm gonna keep trying), I've gone to a hockey game, a comedy show, and several hangout seshes with some old + new friends... I've learned SO much from all of these experiences... mainly that even though I think I'd rather stay at home in my jams, it's SO good for me to try new things. I'm always glad I went... and I always leave with new wisdom, information, or a renewed connection with someone I love. And that's better than jams (sorry, super comfortable pajamas).

So I've learned a ton about the importance of being open, but am I more creative? I have had a lot of ideas for the coming months - like starting a society6 shop as a creative outlet for my arty thoughts + ideas, writing an ebook about being a blogging maven in your first year, and several ridiculous photo shoots (the above shoot included where I'm upside-down... in a dress). So, honestly, I'd say it seems to be working... but not in the way I expected. It's subtle. I wanted the big EUREKA! moments like in the movies... is that just in the movies?

I do think that meditation + trying new things is increasing my awareness of the BIGGER PICTURE. Instead of feverishly typing posts and photoshopping cool shtuff with a narrow focus on my blog, the last two months have made me step away from the computer a bit, reach out to new people, and dare to bring some of my bigger ideas to life. Now that I'm seeing the bigger picture, I want to live in the bigger picture... there's a lot of new + exciting stuff over here, and you know I'm down for that.

I've started February with the small changes... now it's time to take things up a notch. Wednesday I'll be attending a self-reflexology class through Dabble... why? Because it's something I'd never normally try. Eep! Get some sneak peeks at my adventures over on twitter and instagram (@heyartsocial)!

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