imaginary friends by naomi vona Naomi emailed me a few weeks ago introducing me to her work. Guys. INSTANT CRUSH. I'm a sucker for collage. I'm tellin' ya, collage is in right now...

smokey eyes by naomi vona

Naomi is an Italian artist who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She creates new interpretations of vintage photos using pens, paper, colored tape, and stickers.

a forest by naomi vona

I love the juxtaposition (yay art history jargon!) of the drab & dingy vintage photos with such bright bold colors. The bursts of color add so much life to the photos, don't you think? Plus, the way Naomi applies these colorful additions gives each photo a whole new abstract story. The original photo is completely transformed and made anew.

gentlemen by naomi vona

What do you think? Do you have an art crush on Naomi's collages, too? So awesome, right?

Imaginary Friends | Smokey Eyes | A Forest | Gentlemen

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Would You Printstagram?

Heck yeah I would! I'm a big Instagram fan. I mean it's so easy to take a gorgeous photo (if someone's photo doesn't look good on Instagram, that person is just not trying). I love it because everyone has the same exact tools to create something amazing. It's a level playing field. No BFA in photography needed - although surely that helps - no expensive equipment, no film, just you and the app at hand. And then the sharing, oh the sharing. It's so much fun to be able to say, "hey world, look at this awesome photo of my oatmeal!" Ok I don't know why that's so fun exactly... except for the fact that we all want to connect... and what better way to connect than with awesome, vintage-y looking photos?

But would you print your Instagrams? There are so many great ways to make your 'grams tangible: minibooks, stickers, magnets, pillows! Are things coming full circle? After freely snapping digital photos, uploading them to our computers, and sharing them with our friends on Facebook, do we finally want the real thing again? A print to hold in our hands, a poster to put on our walls, a magnet that proudly says "My Oatmeal!" to hang on the fridge... maybe.

Honestly, I can't wait to order some of these gems from Printstagram. I mean, how cute is that tiny book??

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All images via Printstagram

Old Photographs: Interesting & Scary

There's something so fascinating about old photographs. Who are these people? What's their story? Why are they wearing those weird pants? Did she want her hair to look like that? Along with being interesting, they also tend to be completely and utterly terrifying. Especially children and old people, is that age-ist? Seriously, these kids are staring at me... that little girl obviously hates me and I can't figure out why. Of course not all vintage photos are creepy... some are actually really rad.

Ruth and Edna - serious little tykes

The farmer and the cat

Victorian grandmother

Beer and cigars

Beer steins and stuffed animals

Drummer in a bow tie

Have ice, will skate

1940s housewives

All of these awesome photos are from the local Etsy shop Ephemera Obscura.