get-away Lately I'm trying my best to take real weekends. Ya know, like for reals no working for two whole days. To recharge and connect with my peeps, my homies, my dawgs (Kevin and Meowmers). It's not always easy, especially when my phone is always within arm's reach in case there's an instagram opportunity... you never know when it'll happen, you must be prepared.

Well this weekend, we're going to the mountains with some friends so I'll definitely get a work break (instagrams will still be happening, obvs). The colorful aspens, some good food, some dranks! I'm really looking forward to it. Even if you love what you do, it's good to take a break. Balance is so important... and I definitely haven't mastered it yet! If you have any tips, help a sista out.

Wishing you a truly relaxing weekend away from those glowing screens!

What's your favorite way to relax and recharge on the weekends?

Image by Madewell, found here.

Happy Muesday

Since Monday was an extension of the glorious weekend, I'm officially calling today Muesday. I thought a long weekend would mean I'd have a whole lot to jam into my weekend roundup, but ya know, I actually took a lot of time to relax this weekend. Sometimes a girl needs to sleep until 10 and then take an afternoon nap... am I right?

1. Two words: Disco Brunch. The Corner Office in Downtown Denver is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots ever. Not only do they have an awesome brunch dubbed the Disco Brunch, but they have a disco ball in the bathroom and a wall full of funny post-its. And yes, I took this picture in the bathroom. Oh yeah, and the food's pretty great.

2. How many ban.do pom pom flowers are too many ban.do pom pom flowers? Answer: you can never have too many. I already have colorful pom poms, so I needed a neutral one right? I basically HAD TO buy it.

3. Omigosh guys. This article called The "Hell Yes!" Approach to Better, Bolder Decision Making is a life-changer. I hate to admit it but I'm one of those people pleasers who has a really hard time saying no... and I kind of hate it. I hate it because by saying yes to things I know I don't want to do, I'm basically saying no to myself. After reading this article, I want to make a change. While the article is geared towards business decisions, I think the "Hell Yes!" Approach is really how we should be making all of the decisions in our lives. SO, I'm gonna start saying "hell yes!" to myself and my intuitive responses. I'll let you know how it goes...

4. What's a long weekend without a little shopping? The boyfriend was sweet enough to brave H&M with me. While he looked miserable - and a little peaked at times - he made it through and I made it out with 2 shirts I'll probs live in this summer and some cuuuuute hair ties - which by the way are very similar to these, for half the price.

5. This beach umbrella photograph by Alice B. Gardens just says summer... added to cart.

6. These DIY envelopes made from the pages of a J. Crew catalog are preeetttty awesome. Kind of so cute I can't stand it.

7. I know I live in Colorado so I should be obsessed with all things outdoorsy, but honestly one of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. 75 degrees and sunny? Yeah but the new Men in Black just came out... and if the movie theater has a photo booth? Done deal. I'm there.

8. I'm in love with this super rad illustration... but it's apparently from a Soviet-era children's book called Klop (The Bedbug) by Mayakovsky. As someone who is thoroughly creeped out by bedbugs, I think the !!!!! is an appropriate illustration.

9. Oh Joy recently declared pie is the new cupcake. When Joy predicts a new dessert trend, you listen. But eating an entire slice of pie is a big commitment... so these super adorbs peekaboo pie pops by Cakewalk Desserts are the perfect solution.

Hope you all had an incredible long weekend!


(all photos without a link were taken by artsocial... some of which can be found on the 'gram)

Pinned and 'Grammed

Holy mid-May, it's almost summer guys! Even Mondays are a little happier this time of year. This weekend roundup is dedicated to you, summer. Let's have a drink and get our tan on real soon, ok? And by "get our tan on" I mean wear 85 spf and hang out in the shade. I'm of Irish descent, 'nuff said.

1. This weekend started with a Negra Modelo and the boyfriend making chicken tacos. Feels like summer and tastes like summer. Aww yeeah.

2. So I don't have a garden and I can barely keep houseplants alive - srsly, I somehow killed my diy terrarium... I thought those things were basically self-sustaining? But it's spring-ish summer, I'd like to have some plants around. SO, I think maybe, just maybe, even I could keep this ball of moss in an apothecary jar alive... by Pink Serissa.

3. I'm determined to get my apartment fully decorated by the end of the summer. I know, that's a long time. Decorating gives me anxiety... so I'm taking baby steps. One piece of artwork each week until every room looks awesome. Here's my second purchase, Catloaf by Jen Ray (and here's my first).  Of course I Googled "catloaf" and discovered that it's actually a legit term used to describe a cat sitting with all four paws tucked under its body... you know, as legit as urban dictionary gets anyways. I encourage you to Google too, let's get weird.

4. Hoorah for summer movies. How rad is this retro-style movie poster for Inception? These others aren't too shabby either...

5. The weekend started a little early this week with the celebration of miss Kate Donaldson's birthday. With fruit/slurpee/tequila/champagne cocktails on the patio and a cake illustrating the timeless debate bear vs. shark, the night ranked high on the awesomeness scale.

6. In honor of future summer patio celebrations, I started looking for a new drink with the right amount of sweetness and booziness (and maybe a little less slurpee). Well call off the search. Meet the blackberry smash.

7. My all time favorite instagrammer is Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious. He does a 'gram series of the same hill - or to put it in instagram terms #samehilldifferentday. This Saturday it was all about kite flyin'... awesome. Follow this man: @pauloctavious. Oh and he has an adorable dog named Gizmo who makes frequent instagram appearances.

8. Here's to more picnicking this summer. Who's with me? Image found here.

9. With a name like Sweet Action and flavors like Colorado margarita, chocolate andes mint, chai (!!), and salted butterscotch, this little ice cream shop is a must for summer. If you're in Denver, go immediately.


So it's Monday morning, time to get to work? Nah. Time to reflect on the awesomeness of the weekend...

1. How rad is this sketch? It's really just a few inky brushstrokes but from that, we can see an entire story; the shoe, the motion, the woman, the lifestyle. Whoa semicolon? I know, it just felt right. I went with it.

2. I think all bloggers would give this quote by Scott Belsky a big AMEN, BRO. Found on swissmiss.

3. Having watermelon usually marks the beginning of summer summer summertime (said like the hook in Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff's Summertime). When I took this 'gram, however, it was only 55 degrees... wtf May in Colorado?

4. The Hipster Hunt. One woman on a mission to define the elusive hipster.

5. Alright people of Colorado, there's a super magical place in Denver called Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. They have some crazy awesome tours, yo... add great friends? Perfect.

6. When I heard there were ipad covers designed by super cool contemporary artist Rex Ray, my reaction was: whaaaaaa! and then I pinned them.

7. Until recently macarons were just these delicious French creations only enjoyed on my occasional visits to L.A. Well not anymore! Remember this post? Well the macaron has arrived in Denver.

8. This work by David Hockney, Rainy Night on Bridlington Promenade, could totally come live at my house if it wanted.

9. It's been so rainy here in Denver lately. Which is such a rarity, I don't even own a good quality umbrella. Which means when I was out in the elements on Friday night, my cheap umbrella was on the verge of turning inside out due to a light breeze. Lesson? Buy a nice umbrella... like this one. Felix Ray Vintage Dot Umbrella.

Arts and Treats

Oh hello, Monday. Since Miss Monday has to crash the party, I thought I'd spend today's post reminiscing about the weekend. Some would say, hey don't live in the past man! but I say reflecting on happy moments and awesome internet finds is good for your gratitude muscles...

1. Lazily browsing Etsy shops in my pajamas, now that's my kind of shopping... Found this lovely little print via The Paris Print Shop.

2. I srsly have a crush on the site this print came from, Busy Building Things. Aaaand this print is also a free wallpaper download... sigh, heart these guys.

3. Ever wonder what summer tastes like? Two words: huckleberry lemonade. Denverites, get it at The Hornet.

4. Holy gorgeous food photography, French Cuisse.

5. So you know all those times you played beer pong in college?? Oh yeah, ha I never played either... anyhoo Friday Academy makes ceramic red solo cups! Ok, that's cool.

6. Graffiti encouraged in a gallery? Well allllright. Go write on the wall at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

7. I'm always discovering new artists while I'm working at this place. Robert Elfgen's work is definitely pin-worthy.

8. I live right next to a magical place called Aspen Grove (really it's not magical, it's an outdoor shopping center) and every month they host a Paris Street Market. They had these giant metal letters for sale. Pretty rad find for the suburbs.

9. No explanation needed. Just enjoy... and then order 12. Confetti cookie-wich via Tookies.

Happy Monday, friends!

The Art of Doing Nothing

This is usually how I feel after a long week at work... but instead of shoes, I'm surrounded by empty vitamin water bottles (love you, tropical citrus). Working at such a busy place makes me realize how important it is to take time to do nothing. Here's to truly relaxing this weekend...

Mr. Mug you're so wise.

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