This weekend roundup is dedicated to my camping adventure...

1. Fat Tire and Skinnygirl Margarita... clearly a combined effort picking drinks for the weekend. You guessed it, I picked the Skinnygirl. Unofficial/official plug for Skinnygirl cocktails - they're actually pretty perfect for camping. Just open and serve. You don't even really need a glass if that's how you roll... ok, you should probably use a glass. We're trying to have a civilization here.

2. Holgs! My new Holga camera, thanks to Hobstr. This was my first experience with a Holga, I cannot wait to see if the pics turn out. I'm so used to the instant gratification of my iphone/instagram, it was strangely difficult for me to decide what to take a picture of. It seemed so definite, I couldn't just review it and retake if needed. It was a great lesson in slowing down and really discerning what was photo-worthy... more on that after I get my holgas back (unless all my pics are lame, in which case we never had this conversation).

3. These happened.

4. Rope sandals aside, Kevin is the bestest ever... especially when he makes gourmet-style hamburgers while camping. What a badass.

5. Kevin has a whole set of camping utensils. I became a bit obsessed with this mini whisk... I think I like holding mini objects because I'm only 5'3" and it makes me feel like a giant. Completely reasonable, right?

6. There's something so relaxing about staring into the campfire... plus it was the s'more-maker, so I will always think of the campfire fondly.

7. Sexy, huh? I grew up in Colorado and this is my first pair of hiking boots. I guess it's finally time to embrace my Colorado-ness.

8. It wasn't until the second day I finally felt relaxed. It's crazy how long it can take to unwind from the week. I finally felt like I was on vacation when I took this picture. We had just got back from a hike and I was sitting around watching the clouds... perfect moment.

9. I posted this s'more to the 'gram yesterday... I still miss it. S'mores really should be served in restaurants... gasp! or food trucks. Someone please start a s'more food truck.

In conclusion, I had a great time... I think more camping adventures are in my future. How was your weekend, friends? I missed you guys.

Ma Weekend

1. I found the most awesome site ever this weekend. Hobstr creates hobby starter kits for your next creative project. Ummm awesome. I'm seriously thinking about trying their Holga starter kit. Lomography, or toy camera photography, creates super awesome flaws and effects such as vignetting, blurring, discoloration, and lens flaring. Just like Instagram only cooooler. Check out their Pinterest board of Holga photos.

2. If said Holga starter kit is purchased, how many photos do you think I'd take of this little guy? It might get out of hand. Sorry Meowmers, I might be following you around with a camera soon...

3. Guys. Mini sculptures. They're the wave of the future, you heard it here first. Mini banana by Shay Aaron.

4. I did a little house/pet-sitting for my Dad this weekend. It's always nice to go home every once in a while... makes me reflect on my life a lot. Does that happen to you when you go home?

5. Denver friends. Eat at Toast. You won't be disappointed.

6. Me and Kevin decided to have a pizza making party on Saturday... and it. got. crazy. Just kidding. But we decided to make our own individual pizzas, so he had free reign to put anything on his pizza without my input, something that rarely (never) happens when we share a pizza... so this is what we ended up with: buffalo chicken pizza with onions and blue cheese VS veggie pizza with artichokes, olives, mushrooms, spinach, and feta. Hmm can you guess which one's mine? P.S. they were both amazing... maybe I should let him pick the pizza toppings more often.

7. Amen, pink balloon, amen.

8. This weekend I learned that sangria is crazy easy to make... and crazy delicious. So excited to feature this summer sangria on The Art Drank tomorrow, eep! And so excited to drink the rest of it that's in the fridge...

9. Is there any better way to end the weekend than with sushi and Breaking Bad? The answer is no, no there isn't.

How was your weekend??


(all photos without links were taken by me for artsocial)

Au Revoir Le Week-end

Happy Monday, friendies. Let's dive right into the weekend roundup, shall we? First up is this spicy little numero uno...

1. Spicy orange margarita. Oh yeah. It exists and it is delicious. Now I hate to admit - as a closeted hipster - that I had this drinkeroo at a restaurant inside the mall. I know, ew the mall. But whatevs, I grew up in the suburbs of Denver and basically the mall is the only place to go shopping... anyhoo the restaurant is La Sandia - and the mall is Park Meadows in case you want to hit up Orange Julius with me??

2. While at said mall, I picked up these polka dot shorts from Urban Outfitters. A-DORBZ and so comfortable. But my reason for shopping was to buy work clothes, whoops... showing some upper thigh is appropriate for work right? Maybe if I pair them with a cardigan? Get yourself some Kimchi Blue Printed Yoke Shorts, ya hear. (not asking, telling)

3. Have I already talked about the giant art crush I have on one Paul Octavious? Well in case I haven't, Paul Octavious is a Chicago-based photographer who can do no wrong. He may even have magical powers like a superhero, that's how awesome he is. Ok, that's not true (I don't think)... but he does have the cutest dog in the world named Gizmo who could arguably be his sidekick. This new print, The Fourth, over on 20x200 needs to be on ma wall...

4. Basically this weekend was referred to as "Blog Brunch weekend" because of this delightful little Twitter party for bloggers where very important things are discussed... Here's how it works, every first Saturday of the month, bloggers from all over the country gather on Twitter (by following the hashtag #blogbrunch) to exchange ideas and inspiration about different topics. This month's topic was post content. Man, that's a tricky one for me. Since this blog started, it's evolved several times (ok like 234 times), which means the content has evolved a bit too... check back tomorrow for a whole post on my Blog Brunch-y thoughts.

5. Guys. I think I'm a cat lady. I first started noticing signs of this condition quite a while ago... I started taking more pictures of Meowmers, I noticed an increase in the frequency I discussed Meowmers with others, and THEN someone got me a Cats in Hats calendar for Christmas. Now I thought this was a joke, I laughed it off (while secretly really enjoying my new hilarious calendar). But after pinning this cat art on Pinterest along with this and this, welp I think I can finally admit it. My name is Erin and I'm a cat lady. CATS by Cake with Giants.

6. My Drunk Kitchen: Quesadillas. This needs no explanation.

7. Brooch-a-topia. Brooches Bitches. The Brooch Coach. These were the alternative names me and Kevin came up with for the brooch stand at the Aspen Grove street fair. Oh they had oodles of awesome brooches (this is tray 1 of approximately 500), but I don't think they had a name... I vote for The Brooch Coach.

8. It rained so much this weekend! So unlike Colorado... and such a great excuse to curl up on the couch and watch the entire last season of Breaking Bad in anticipation of the new season. Eeeep! So excited! If you're a fellow Breaking Bad fan, please leave a comment so we can discuss the crazy awesomeness that was last season's finale. Cool image found here.

9. Cutest shoes ever. I basically live in flats. I'm short, there's no point in trying to fool anyone by wearing uncomfortable heels... These shoes (called You Rebel) from Shabby Apple are pretty boss. Psst check back here next Monday for a little giveaway with Shabby Apple...!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh Hi July

Guys, how is it July already?? When I was little, summer vacation was divided into two parts: pre-fourth of July and post-fourth of July. When this holiday rolled around, I always felt a twinge of sadness. My glorious summer vacation was winding down! Oh the (illogical) worries of an 8 year old. Anyhoo before I can think about this exciting holiday week ahead, let's look back at some fun and internet finds from the weekend...

1. This weekend started off with a little game called baseball. Going to a game around the 4th of July has become a bit of a family tradition. Mainly because the games around the 4th include...

2. Fireworks! Like the most obnoxious, 'merican display of in-your-face fireworks of all time. It's borderline disgusting... After looking at this pic, who else has that Katy Perry song stuck in their head?? You didn't, but now  you do? Sorry guys.

3. Jen Gotch has gotta be one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. This girl's got mad talent. And her shop? FULL of said talent.

4. Raspberry lime sorbet from this place... which for some reason my boyfriend kept saying was made with "bits of real panther, so you know it's good." Yep, that's my boyfriend. He likes to randomly quote Anchorman. That's why I loves him.

5. Sally Mann is one of my favsies. Her photographs are so hauntingly beautiful. This work is part of her At Twelve series. It seems to capture something so typical of being a teenager in the summertime - beauty, boredom, self-consciousness, angst. I love the stories all of her works tell.

6. This cup by Fine Little Day is super adorbs. It's definitely worthy of holding my chai teas. This whole shop is full of cute goodies.

7. I'm in love with this work, Untitled #8 (The Fall), by Laura Letinsky. The beautiful simplicity of the composition, the lighting, the title, the already eaten sundae... what at first seems so simple and unassuming, develops so many layers the more you look at it. Pretty rad.

8. This weekend was a raspberry beer cocktail kind of weekend. Yes! The very same one I posted on the blog last week. Friends, let me tell you. These things are delicious... and thus a little dangerous. But I think the deliciousness outweighs the risk factor.

9. I had the BEST time Saturday evening. Out at a club? Nope. Having a party? No again. Having a picnic. That's right, I'm crazy. Me and the boyfriend took a blanket, some books, and snacks (which may or may not have included those raspberry beer cocktails) to the park by our house. Laying in the park, reading, and eating french bread, brie, and salami (best dinner ever) was so much fun. I really need to schedule more picnics in the future... like every weekend.

Happy Monday, friends. Hope you had a great weekend!


(all pictures without links were taken by me for artsocial)


Record Breaker

Man was it hot this weekend. Like lay-around-with-a-fan-in-your-face hot. Like too-hot-to-eat hot! Ok, well almost. I did feel like I could've gotten heat stroke while sitting on the patio at Snooze Saturday morning, but I still managed to finish my cylinder of hash browns and my beermosa. (Potatoes at Snooze are served in the shape of a cylinder. Geometric. Delicious. It's 100 degrees while I write this, I apologize for any ramblings).

1. Hot summer days are for air conditioned spaces or pools, but hot summer nights? They're for patio parties. This tiny bar setup is super adorbs, it makes me want to spruce up my little patio with something similar...

2. This cupcake miss Jessica pinned on artsocial's Collections + Cupcakes pin board looks crazy delicious. It's called the "cupcake pistache-chocolat." Whaaat. Yeah. It's French. That means not only is it probably insanely good, but it seems sophisticated... and thus more nutritious. No? Not good logic?

3. Oh John Baldessari, you genius. This oil and acrylic work is the perfect painting... or at least it tells us what makes the perfect painting. I LOVE artists with a sense of humor. It's art after all, let's not take it all so seriously.

4. Here's that beermosa from Snooze I mentioned earlier. Ok I know orange juice mixed with beer sounds really really gross, but it's actually pretty great. I'm tellin' ya, beer cocktails are gonna be all the rage soon... I'm totes an expert. (Not at all an expert).

5. Since it was sooooo hot (whining voice) this weekend, I spent a little time hovering over the ac vent whilst browsing through Pinterest and came across this amaaaazing pinner: Amanda Rodriguez, a freelance interior stylist from Stockholm. All of her pins are gorgeous... like so gorgeous her boards make my boards look like a child with a cupcake obsession has been calling the shots. What I mean to say is this girl's got some serious style and I highly encourage you to spend time looking at her pins... you'll be inspired. Guaranteed.

6. I used to do my homework on clipboards when I was little. They made me feel super grown-up, like I worked in an office or something... an office that required me to write 10 sentences using 10 new vocabulary words. Anyhoo, those clipboard days are over, but I looove the idea of turning clipboards into an inspiration/decoration wall.

7. Guys. Look at these little paper shirts I found on Very Sarie. Totally reminds me of playing with paper dolls on my parent's couch. Did anyone else have paper dolls when they were little? Was I the only one who thought leaning paper cutouts of Beauty and the Beast characters against the window constituted super fun playtime?

8. What else is there to do on a 104 degree day than watch the sunset... I know, we're nuts. Although by 8 pm it was a cool 90 degrees. Gah. But the gorgeous colors were worth enduring the heat.

9. After the sunset and the lingering 90 degree weather, there was only one option for date night: popsicles on the patio.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you're staying cool... I recommend popsicles. If you happen to be following me on the 'gram lately, you know this :)

Round 'em Up

Well hello there, friends. Since I skipped the weekend roundup last week to post my vlogging debut, I was preeetty excited to get back to it this week. But I'm starting to wonder if I do anything other than eat, look at art, eat, and go to the movies on the weekends... not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's good to be well-rounded, right? Maybe I'll start doing karate. Oh! or taking hip hop dance classes. I really want to learn how to dougie once and for all...

1. This weekend started with me making dinner for the boyfriend. Now this may seem boring, routine, UNexciting, but guys I NEVER make dinner. This was a big deal. I am not the cook in my relationship. Having a boyfriend that can cook incredible meals is A. amazeballs B. romantic as hell and C. very intimidating. After he makes the best chicken enchiladas ever, I can't exactly make him my signature buttered noodles with parmesan (if I even have that, sometimes it's just salt and pepper). But I had an ace up my sleeve this weekend. My bestie had told me about the most delicious and simple grilled cheese sandwich of all time: the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Fancy grilled cheese? Now that's my speed. And it was a big hit.

2. This photograph by Kristin Kirkley Photography can come live at my house. Srsly put it in any room and it's a party... except without all the music and drunk people and clean up afterwards. Sounds like a win to me.

3. I pinned this on Friday and I can't stop thinking about it. After my TIATTY post, I've felt so inspired by the support from my friends and some incredibly awesome fellow bloggers. It makes me want to really go for it, to follow my passions. After being unsure of my career path for so long, I think I've caught a glimpse of where I belong. And that makes the future pretty exciting. Ok cheesy moment over... but if you want to sing along to LMFAO's "Yes" with me, it's totally playing in my head right now and seems appropriate for the moment (cuz everyday I see my dream). P.S. I know, I don't know why I like this music either...

4. Umm a drawing of a bear made out of the word "bear" - this doesn't even need an explanation as to why I picked it for the roundup. It's coolness is obvious.

5. Whoa dudes. These porcelain sugar cones are perfection. Let's get something straight right now: I screamed for ice cream, not some kind of spongy baked good. I don't like the cones. Just get a cup, you might say. Well that's just not the same. I would like to enjoy my ice cream sans spoon. All of my ice cream problems are now solved thanks to this Etsy shop.

6. 20x200 had a ridonk sale this weekend (that's actually what they called it, that's not my white girl gangster talk... this time). I l.o.v.e this photograph Winter Flags (East Village, New York) by Youngna Park. Want? Yes. Need? Also yes.

7. Oh the washi tape. I'm getting some to jazz up my business cards... and my life in general. Putting washi tape on anything makes it better. Fact.

8. Saturday night consisted of seeing Moonrise Kingdom at the Mayan Theatre. This theater was built in 1930 and is one of Denver's independent and foreign film cinemas. Needless to say it's super old school. Add a Wes Anderson movie to this scenario and you get hipsterfest 5000. But I really really love this theater and the movie was AWESOME, go see it immediately. Does that make me a hipster? Probably. Especially since I took an instagram of it for the blog. Ha! And I was wearing skinny jeans... damn!

9. Speaking of Denver, I recently discovered an amazing local artist. Inspired by "the final girl" in horror films and the "femme fatale" character in film noir, Sigri Strand creates Cindy Sherman-esque photographs that are incredibly rad. There's so much more to the story in these colorful, stylized photos... and I'm dying to know what that story is. Great art always leaves you wanting more...