The Art Drank // 16

This print by Laura Ruth titled Nostalgia made me start thinking about summer traditions... specifically, the different traditions I've had with my family when I was little as well as the new traditions I'm starting with my little "family" (Kevin and Meowmers). It's funny how the littlest things become traditions when you're a kid. For me, having Otter Pops meant summer. was. here. But like any respectable American family, we couldn't just get the normal-sized box... we got the box of 100. To an eight year old, that's an incredible sight and a challenge one must accept.

This weekend, Kevin and I made grown-up blueberry lemonades. Perhaps a new Labor Day weekend tradition? They're no Otter Pops, but this is one treat I'd like to see year after year.

What are some of your family's summer traditions?

Grown-up Blueberry Lemonade


lemonade (I used Simply Lemonade... nom!) blueberry vodka (I used blueberry Stoli) blueberries and lemons for garnish ice


Pour one shot blueberry vodka into a glass with ice. Fill the rest with lemonade. Add blueberries and lemons to make it look as goooood as it tastes. So easy, SO dangerously good.

recipe and images by artsocial | Nostalgia by Laura Ruth