The Art Drank // 17

There are certain moments when you can feel the seasons changing... the breeze is slightly cooler, the air smells of leaves. Even though it's 90 degrees again today, I had one of those moments on Saturday. A fall breeze was coming through the kitchen window while I was making bourbon apple cider cocktails and baking chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Yep, that afternoon it was fall... and I was enjoying every moment.

Cider + Bourbon + Ginger Ale


2 parts apple cider, refrigerated 2 parts ginger ale, refrigerated 1 part bourbon apple slice to garnish


Mix apple cider and bourbon together and refrigerate for at least one hour. Before serving, add ginger ale to cider and bourbon. Serve over crushed ice and garnish with an apple slice (optional, of course, but so adorbs).

Drank image by artsocial | recipe by Creative Culinary | Enjoy Every Moment by Kelli Murray via Society6