artsocial This month for my blog happiness project, I've given myself the assignment of (finally) tackling my media kit once and for all. I want a media kit I LOVE, one I'm proud of... so I can confidently hand it over to Madewell when they contact me for a rad collaboration.

I think the reason I've put off revising my media kit is because, let's face it, the media kit is used to "sell" yourself and your brand. That gives me anxiety. But I've decided to act from my truth, rather than my fear... and the truth is I'm blogging professionally, and having my professional shiz in order is important to me. I'm happiest when I'm on my game.

Today I started thinking, maybe I'm looking at the media kit the wrong way. Instead of thinking of it as a scary document full of numbers and bragging and selling, what if I thought of it as a snapshot of artsocial? Like a business card or a carte de visite that I trade with interesting people I'd love to work with. That sounds so much better, huh?

Okay but for reals, what should go in a media kit? Here's a refresher from one of my favorite Alt Summit sessions, the media kit design camp...

Traffic: page views, unique visitors, time visitors spend on your site (over 3 minutes is better than average).

Engagement + online reach: social media numbers, bloglovin followers, RSS subscriptions (which you can find using feedburner).

Info about your readers: who are they, where are they? Do a survey that asks tangible questions like age, income, education, etc., and intangible questions like what they like, what they dislike.

Press mentions: start building a media resume! Keep track of those mentions, they mean a lot.

Advertising rates: break it down - sizes, price, discounts; tell them exactly what they get down to every last tweet. Offer different levels (psst – they’ll probably pick the middle or lower option. If you want x amount, offer two options higher than x. Be a business woman, yo).

Testimonials: people give more weight to an outside perspective on your brand.

+ Set yourself apart. What makes you different? Sometimes telling people what you’re NOT is the best way to go. For example, A Practical Wedding includes this quote in their media kit: “It’s a wedding blog, but not, you know, a wedding blog that will make you want to vomit.”

+ Show rather than tell. Make your media kit clear, easy to read, and visual. The media kit Bri Emery designed for Once Wed? Love. An example that came up during this session was DailyCandy – download a pdf of their media kit here.

Gah, such great advice from that Alt sesh. Okay, friends. By the end of the month I'll have a revised media kit I lurve. One worthy of artsocial. One with rad images and style... and, ya know, some numbers, too.

You guys want to see it when I'm done?


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