The Pinterest Project: Week One

It felt so great to be completely honest yesterday and confess some things I'm afraid to tell you. I think from here on out, I'm determined to be more open and honest on the blog. The support that poured in yesterday made me one happy little blogger. I'm so grateful for all of you!! Yes, I put that in my gratitude journal... After so much truthiness it feels silly to continue on with my regularly scheduled blog program... but what the hey. Let's talk about collections and cupcakes! There were some great pins on The Pinterest Project board this week... and by great, I mean delicious... and by delicious, I mean effing delicious-looking. I'd love to actually eat some (all) of these recipes, but apparently making and eating multiple batches of cupcakes in one week is frowned upon or something. Whatevs. Let's enjoy this week's highlights right nowww.

P.S. if you missed the beginning of The Pinterest Project, it's a collaborative pin board that you are invited to join. This month we're pinning anything and everything related to collections and cupcakes. And the best pins are featured right here on the blog. Hey you, come pin with us!

A special thank you goes to Jessica, Renee, and Kate! Thanks for going along with my crazy ideas :)


The pins and their sources found here.