animal shoes by joanna paterson When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I realllly wanted a teacher when I first started blogging. I just want someone to show me exactly what to do, I'd think to myself... The thing is, teachers were coming into my life. All the time. I just didn't realize they were teachers. Oh universe, you little trickster.

Now that I'm doing so much soul-searching and meditation work (and by work I mean play, cuz really it's my favorite thing ever), I'm noticing that we're always being taught and led to everything and everyone we need. Everything is an opportunity to learn. Everyone is a teacher. We're getting exactly what we need. Phew that takes some of the pressure off, huh?

Okay, I'll stop. Before I get too woo-woo hippie on you. But this week two opportunities came into my life that were exactly what I needed to accomplish/stick to my current goals. My teachers appeared.

First, I was invited to join an incredible group of ladies for The Willpower Council. I'm tellin' ya, spring 2013 is like no-more-effing-excuses time. I've made some big promises to myself to overcome fear and take everything to the next level - love, career, being awesome, everything. Next level, bro. I have no doubts The Willpower Council will help me do this.

THEN, I hear from the super awesome Alyssa of techlovedesign. She's starting a 30 day challenge, do I want in? Umm. It's me. I love challenges and growing and community. Heck yeah, I'm in. It's the perfect extra nudge I needed to keep myself on track. Join us?

I'm keeping and honoring my goals, guys. On the daily. My teachers showed up for me, so I must be ready...


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Image: Animal Shoes by Joanna Paterson