Why Can't I Eat Goulash in a Gallery?

In the first post on pairing art with food, we enjoyed frozen lake art with cinnamon cookies and spiked hot chocolate. Today we go inside... for dandelion art. Whatever you do, don't sneeze. {ART} German artist Regine Ramseier suspended 2,000 dandelions from the ceiling, one by one... Would it be a bad idea to try to recreate this in my bedroom? Or a crazy awesome idea?

{FOOD} Dandelion Macarons. Who knew dandelions could be used for awesometown macarons... I always thought they existed for the sole purpose of playing that weird game that involved smearing someone's arm with dandelion pollen. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Was that a Colorado thing?

{DRINK} Spicy Chai Latte. Oh chai latte, you are the best of the lattes. Hot, cold, summer, winter, 6am, 6pm - doesn't matter, it's always a good time for a chai. Thus, chai would go amazingly with 2,000 suspended dandelions.