BrandCrush is your deep dive passport to brand clarity and a whole new Squarespace website. Isn’t it time for your business to turn heads? (Yes. The answer is a resounding YES!)

As the love child of graphic designer Erin Cassidy and business strategist Tiffany Han, BrandCrush knows that a crush-worthy biz starts with clarity and ends with simple and stunning design.

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With a keen eye for creating compelling graphics, I can help extend your brand into every blog post you write, every new program you launch, and every newsletter you send out.

Branding all the things? Now that's when you know you've reached the next level of professional.

High five, bosslady!

Perfect for established bloggers and coaches who need a designer on their team; a designer who understands their mission and can infuse every graphic with their brand's style and personality.

Packages start at $300 for 5 hours/month. Ready to take things up a notch? Click on the button below to learn more about the process and pricing details.

It’s Business Time is a 6-month coaching, branding, and design program dedicated to helping you discover your personalized biz idea and create the platform to authentically offer it to the world.

When you spend 6 months with me, Tiffany Han, and Michelle Ward, you’ll walk away with a business of your very own, complete with a mission statement, offerings, a logo and a website!

Whether you don’t have a business (yet!), or you have one that’s not quite working for you, it’s time for It’s Business Time.

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