With a keen eye for creating compelling graphics, I can help extend your brand into every blog post you write, every new program you launch, and every newsletter you send out.

Perfect for established bloggers, coaches, or small businesses who need a designer on their team; a designer who understands their mission and can infuse every graphic with their brand's style and personality.


The number of hours roughly translates to the number of graphics each month (20 hours = 20 graphics, 10 hours = 10 graphics, etc.).

Regarding workflow, we'll create a schedule so I can see what's coming up 1-2 weeks in advance. You’ll provide me with the title, a short blurb about the content, any thoughts you have about the direction for the graphic, and a due date.

To keep our work on brand, I’ll need any details about your branding, like a style guide, your font names, color palette info, and logo files.

I also recommend starting a secret pinterest board to collect inspiration and ideas, like favorite graphics and other visuals (typography and colors) you like and that feel right for your brand. This can be really helpful, especially in the beginning, to get us on the same page aesthetically.

20 HOURS / MONTH: $1000

20 hours guaranteed each month. Perfect for projects big and small. For example: numerous blog posts, daily social media graphics, new program branding, buttons, badges, PDFs or worksheets, newsletter design.

10 HOURS / MONTH: $500 

10 hours guaranteed each month. Perfect for small and medium projects. For example: semi-regular blog posts, weekly social media graphics, the occasional PDF or worksheet.

5 HOURS / MONTH: $300

5 hours guaranteed each month. Perfect for small projects. For example: occasional blog posts and social media graphics.