Service: It's Business Time

Jenn Walsh is on a mission to help online shops grow and reach a wider audience so potential customers have more options than just the big box stores.

Jenn was part of our very first round of It's Business Time, a 6-month coaching, branding, and design program dedicated to helping you discover your personalized biz idea and create the platform to authentically offer it to the world. Jenn showed up, did the work, and as a result has a the most amazing business to show off!! We love you, Jenn!

A few words from Jenn about It's Business Time:

"If you want to start a business and not screw around take this course. It’s worth every penny. It's hard work but they will support you through the entire process. And the awesome women you'll meet in this program will be part of your support system going forward. If not for this program I’d still be stuck in situation where I’m spending all my energy making someone else’s business great instead of my own.

Erin is a fantastic designer and a freaking mind reader, lol! She’s also great at keeping you from obsessing over your website too much."