Service: It's Business Time

Maya Henry of Meals with Maya is a health coach and meal planner who is on a mission to make meal planning easy so that you have more time to spend with your family and do the things you love.

Maya was part of our very first round of It's Business Time, a 6-month coaching, branding, and design program dedicated to helping you discover your personalized biz idea and create the platform to authentically offer it to the world. Maya showed up, did the work, and as a result has a the most amazing business to show off!! We love you, Maya!

A few words from Maya:

"[It's Business Time was] a super-fun, supportive, safe, online community of women with get-shit-done leadership taking you through every step you need to take to confidently launch your online business.

Erin, obvs did beautiful design work, but I also thought she managed expectations and met deadlines exceedingly well. Also, some designers it is hard to do revisions with, and Erin handled those very well. Mine weren't extensive, but I would have been very comfortable asking more of her if I had needed to to get exactly what I wanted."