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Services: logo design | squarespace web design

Morrison Please is a blog dedicated to fresh, seasonal food that’s bursting with flavor.

When Janna, the gal behind the blog, came to me about starting a blog dedicated to her love of food, I was beyond excited. From our initial talks, it became clear that a completely custom site wasn’t necessary yet. Yes, she wanted a beautiful logo and design, but she just needed a simple site so she could get started. And started on the right foot: with an easy-to-use platform, a clean and simple design, and a brand identity that felt unique.

The solution? Killer custom branding and a simple Squarespace site.

A few words from Janna:

"I have been talking about launching a blog for a long time. And there were times I even looked at websites to try to figure it out, but I got intimidated and just gave up. I figured my instagram pictures were enough... but the exact moment Erin said she was launching a web design portion of art social, that was my calling.

Erin was a delight to work with. She is incredibly timely, efficient, professional and FUN."