Services: in-house design

Some of the best and most rewarding projects are those that allow me to reeaally get to know a brand. I've been working with Tiffany Han on her graphics since 2013 and it's been pure magic. Each week, I have the honor of creating quotable, pinnable, instagram-able graphics (using her photos and mine) that reflect her voice and her aesthetic.

A few words from Tiffany:

"Erin has been an absolute godsend to me and my business! She makes my blog posts beautiful and has helped develop my brand (and by extension, my voice!) so much. Working with her has allowed me to focus on what I love - the writing - and allow her to help me with her area of expertise ~ making everything beautiful.

By our fourth month of our working together, my site views have gone up 66% (!!), and I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like to not have her on my team. Not only is she a hard-worker and a brilliant creative, I trust her completely with every piece of my business. This is absolutely critical, and I feel so grateful to get to work with her."