Welcome to the crew!

Dude! You're in. And you're a total BOSS. #fortherecord

First, I'm SO excited and honored that you signed up to be the newest member of the artsocial crew. One day we'll all have matching team artsocial jackets or baseball tees with our names on them. One day. But until then...

Once a week, I'll be popping in to share design tricks, business secrets and lessons I've learned from running a business. The lessons, you guys. Oh the lessons. More importantly, sometimes I even divulge where to find the best party playlist or cupcake in town. I know. That's some serious intel.

Second, it's Photoshop template time!

Your Photoshop templates

Download your templates here.

What's cooler than a plain photo? 

A) a photo in a circle
B) three photos in a grid
C) photos in a triangle collage
D) all of the above

The answer is D. Obvs. The following video walks you through the circle template and the grid template. Then you can test your skillz with the super elaborate triangle template! Ooh challenge accepted.

So download your templates. Open Photoshop. Watch the video. And learn how to take your photos up a notch.

For best video viewing (and to track the cursor movements) put each video in full screen mode. If you notice any fuzziness, click on the Settings gear -- click on Quality -- select 1080p60.

Want it in writing? Here's how to edit the templates:

+ Open the template in Photoshop.
+ Open photos in Photoshop that you'd like to use in the template.
+ Drag each photo into the template using the Move Tool.
+ Click and drag each photo underneath the "Place image here" layer in the Layers Panel.
+ If you need to resize your photo: Command+T and don't forget to hold Shift as you resize! If you don't, your photo will be wonky.
+ To move your photo around in the template use the Move Tool.
+ When it's lookin' good? Save!

Happy Photoshopping!